Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Two research groups from AGE-WELL NCE partnered with Kitchener's Communitech to deliver an event called EngAGEtechKW. The purpose of the workshop-event was to bring together multiple stakeholders in technology innovation, including older adults, their caregivers, innovators, and others. 

The workshop was designed to improve innovation ecosystems by:

  • Developing an understanding of how older adults decide which technology to purchase and use
  • Developing an understanding of what prevents older adults from purchasing or using technology
  • Uniting a variety of stakeholders in a collaborative relationship
  • Contributing to the understanding of Waterloo Wellington's regional innovation ecosystem from multiple perspectives
  • Informing the creation of a model for collaboration between older adults, their caregivers, and innovators in innovation ecosystems
  • Affording an opportunity for unheard stakeholders to provide feedback on policy and regulations they believe affect innovation.

For more information on this event and its outcomes, visit the AGE-WELL DRIVE Blog​.

The following video is an interview of Heather McNeil on 570 News explaining the AGE-WELL projects and the EngAGEtechKW event. For more information on AGE-WELL related projects the GHS group is involved in, visit our AGE-WELL page, or the AGE-WELL website.

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