Knowledge to action processes in SHKN collaborative COP

"Knowledge to action processes in SHRTN  collaborative communities of practice" 

Our study aims to increase our understanding of the knowledge-to-action processes mobilized through CoPs that are working to improve the health of Ontario seniors. We will examine the processes themselves, and the role of human agents within those processes. Our study utilizes a multiple case study design (9 cases over 3 years), allowing us to investigate how CoPs mobilize KTA processes in different situations. The study is being led by Dr. James Conklin (Concordia University), Dr. Paul Stolee (University of Waterloo), and Dr. Anita Kothari (Western University).

Seniors Health Knowledge Network (SHKN)

SHKN links caregivers, researchers and policy-makers together to improve health and healthcare for seniors in Ontario. SHKN is funded through the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care with the vision of becoming the go-to place in Ontario for the latest knowledge and best practices in seniors’ health. SHKN’s mission is to improve the health and health care of seniors in Ontario by: providing access to evidence through the library services; supporting local leaders; providing provincial stewardship; collaborating on research; and, supporting members in Communities of Practice (CoPs).

Structure and membership

Membership of SHKN’s CoPs has increased quickly over the last year. Each CoP is supported by a knowledge broker and an information specialist. Members participated in over 250 knowledge exchange events and over 350 meetings this year in person and through technology made available through the Network.  To date, little research has been done to describe how knowledge-to-action processes unfold through SHKN CoPs that exist outside of but adjacent to the frontline setting, and how operating within a network framework might impact upon CoP performance. Knowledge-to-action (KTA) refers to the movement of research and experience-based knowledge between social contexts, and the use of that knowledge to improve practice.