PhD alumni

Current PhD student profiles for the joint UW/WLU program can be found on the student PhD in Global Governance page on the Balsillie School of International Affairs (BSIA) website.


Janzwood, Scott (ENV) - Supporting uncertain policy decisions for global catastrophic risks (supervisor: Thomas Homer-Dixon)

Prior, Tahnee (ENV) - Taking Complexity Seriously in International Law: A View from the Arctic (co-supervisors: Thomas Homer-Dixon & Neil Craik)

Salam, Justine (ARTS) - Analyzing Major Royalty Debates in Alberta’s Oil Sands: Corporate Power at Play in a Subnational Resource-Cursed Petrostate (supervisor: Angela Carter)


Lawrence, Michael (ARTS) - Violence, Conflict, and World Order: Rethinking War with a Complex Systems Approach (supervisor: Thomas Homer-Dixon)

Wagner-Rizvi, Tracey (ARTS) - The Fox Building the Henhouse: Corporate influence on global health governance and the risks to the World Health Organization (supervisor: Jennifer Clapp)


Brooks, Skylar (ARTS) - Governing Sovereign Bankruptcy: Writing International Rules for Rewriting National Debts (supervisor: Eric Helleiner)

Gaudreau, Matthew (ENV) - Constructing China's National Food Security: Power, Grain Seed Markets, and the Global Political Economy (supervisor: Jennifer Clapp)

Spagna, Irene (ARTS) - Dealer Bank Influence and the International Political Economy of Over-the-Counter Derivatives Regulation: The Introduction of Mandatory Margin Requirements for Non-Centrally Cleared Derivatives After the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 (supervisor: Eric Helleiner)


Garcia, Andres (ENV) - Yes but No: Havana Peace Agreement's Ambiguous Sway on Colombia's Rural Development Policy (supervisor: Jennifer Clapp)


Beck, Marisa (ENV) - Modeling Climate Change Impacts at the Science-Policy Boundary (supervisor: Thomas Homer-Dixon)

Burnett, Kimberly (ENV) - Navigating the Land Between Religions: New Perspectives on the Fair Trade and Food Sovereignty Movement Strategies to Challenge International Trade Governance (supervisor: Jennifer Clapp)

Patil Woolhouse, Sarita (ARTS) - Seats of Corporate Convenience and International Investment Law (supervisor: Will Coleman)

Rosales Nieves, Antulio (ARTS) - Stringent  Open and Hybrid State Treatment of Foreign Investment: Three Eras of the Oil Industry in Venezuela and Ecuador (supervisor: Eric Helleiner)


Enns, Charis (ARTS) - Experiments in Governance and Citizenship in Kenya's Resource Frontier (supervisor: Will Coleman)

Hormozi, Shani (ARTS) - Just and Unjust Sanctions: The Case Study of Iran (supervisor: Will Coleman)

Malloy, Adam (ARTS) - Scripting Resistance: Governance Through Theatre of the Oppressed (supervisor: Will Coleman)

Martin, Sarah (ENV) - Storage Matters: Managing Grain  Securing Finance  and Building Markets (supervisor: Jennifer Clapp)


Stevenson, Michael (ARTS) - Agency Through Adaptation:  The Power of the Rockefeller and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations in the Governance of Global Health and Agricultural Development (supervisor: Jennifer Clapp)


Abbott, Clint (ARTS) - Networked Governance and Summit Diplomacy: Shaping the Maternal Newborn and Child Health Agenda (supervisor: Ramesh Chandra Thakur)

Ennis, Crystal (ARTS) - Rentier 2.0: Entrepreneurship Promotion and the (Re)Imagination of Political Economy in the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries (supervisor: Bessma Momani)

Kempthorne, David (ARTS) - Governing International Securities Markets: IOSCO and the Politics of International Securities Market Standards (supervisor: Eric Helleiner)

Milkoreit, Manjana (ENV) - Mindmade Politics: The Role of Cognition in Global Climate Change Governance (supervisor: Thomas Homer-Dixon)

Pagliari, Stefano (ARTS) - Public Salience and International Financial Regulation.  Explaining the International Regulation of OTC Derivatives  Rating Agencies  and Hedge Funds (supervisior: Eric Helleiner)

Tranjan, Jose Ricardo (ARTS) - Participatory Democracy in Brazil: Foundations Developments and Limits (supervisor: Fredrick Bird)


Thistlethwaite, Jason (ARTS) - Planet Finance: The Governance of Climate Change Risks in Financial Markets (supervisor: Eric Helleiner)