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Fred Bird

Professor Emeritus | Adjunct Professor, Political Science

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Gerry Boychuk

Professor, Political Science

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Sarah Burch

Associate Professor | Canada Research Chair, Geography and Environmental Management

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Angela Carter

Associate Professor, Political Science | Balsillie School of International Affairs Fellow

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Jennifer Clapp

Professor | Canada Research Chair, School of Environment, Resources and Sustainability

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Andrea Collins

Assistant Professor, School of Environment, Resources and Sustainability

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Andrew Cooper

Professor, Political Science | Associate Senior Fellow, Centre for Global Cooperation Research

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Marie-Claire Cordonier-Segger

Professor, School of Environment, Enterprise and Development

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Neil Craik

Professor, School of Environment, Enterprise and Development

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Secil Dagtas

Associate Professor | Associate Chair, Graduate Studies, Anthropology

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Daniel Gorman

Professor, History

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Jasmin Habib

Associate Professor, Political Science | Director of the PhD in Global Governance | Co-Chair and Anti-Racism Equity Advisor to the Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee, FAUW

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Eric Helleiner

Professor, Political Science

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Thomas Homer-Dixon

Professor, Environment

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Andrew Hunt

Professor, History

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Suzan Ilcan

Professor, Sociology and Legal Studies

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Sharon Kirkpatrick

Associate Professor, School of Public Health

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Veronica Kitchen

Associate Professor | Interim Associate Chair, Undergraduate Studies, Political Science

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Dan McCarthy

Associate Professor, School of Environment, Resources and Sustainability

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Bessma Momani

Professor, Political Science

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Bruce Muirhead

Professor; Associate Vice President External Research, History

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Reina Neufeldt

Associate Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies, Conrad Grebel University College

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Douglas Peers

Professor, History

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Stephen Quilley

Associate Professor, School of Environment, Resources and Sustainability

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John Ravenhill

Professor | Chair, Political Science

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Susan Roy

Associate Professor | Associate Chair (Graduate), History

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Horatiu Rus

Associate Professor, Political Science Economics

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Vanessa Schweizer

Vanessa Schweizer

Associate Professor | Associate Chair, Undergraduate Studies, Knowledge Integration

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Imre Szeman

Professor, Communication Arts

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Jason Thistlethwaite

Associate Professor, School of Environment, Enterprise and Development

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Hongying Wang

Associate Professor, Political Science

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David Welch

University Research Chair, Political Science

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Heather Whiteside

Associate Professor, Political Science

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