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Neil Craik

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Dr. Neil Craik is an Associate Professor of Law in the School of Environment, Enterprise and Development at the University of Waterloo, where he teaches and researches in the fields of Canadian and international environmental law. His current research examines the role of procedural obligations in governance structures addressing transboundary and global commons environmental issues. Professor Craik has particular interests in the intersection of international and domestic environmental policy, climate and geoengineering governance and environmental impact assessment.

Prior to his current appointment at the University of Waterloo, Dr. Craik was an Associate Professor at the University of New Brunswick, Faculty of Law (2004-2009) and prior to that he practiced environmental and land use law with a major Canadian law firm.


Doctor of Juridical Science) SJD University of Toronto, Canada
Master of Laws (LLM) University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

Dalhousie University, Canada
B.A. (Hons.) McGill University, Canada

Relevant publications


  • Climate Change Policy in North America: Designing Integration in a Regional System, (University of Toronto Press, 2013), (co-editor with VanNijnatten and Studer), 369 pages
  • The International Law of Environmental Impact Assessment: Process, Substance and Integration, (Cambridge University Press, 2008), 350 pages
  • Public Law: Cases, Materials and Commentary, 2d (Emond Montgomery, 2011), Co-General Editor and contributor, (with Forcese (Co-General Editor), Bryden, Carver, Haigh, Ratushny and Sullivan), 508 pages

Book chapters & journal articles

  • “Principle 17 – Environmental Impact Assessment” in Jorge Vinuales (ed,) The Rio Declaration on Environment and Development: A Commentary, Oxford Commentaries on International Law (Oxford UP, 2014)
  • “Regulating Geoengineering Research through Domestic Environmental Protection Frameworks: Reflections on the Recent Canadian Ocean Fertilization Case” (2013) Carbon and Climate Law Review, v.7(2), 117-124 (with Blackstock and Hubert)
  • “Governing Information: A Three-Dimensional Analysis of Environmental Assessment” (2012) Public Administration, v.90, no.1. (with M. Doelle and F. Gale)
  • “Climate Law and Policy in North America: Prospects for Regionalism” (2010) 1 San Diego Journal of Climate and Energy Law 195  (with J. DiMento), 63 pages
  • “Environmental Cooperation in the (Partially) Disaggregated State: Lessons from the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America”, (2008) 8 Chicago J. Int’l L. 479 (with J. DiMento) (reprinted in Amos Guiora, ed., Top Ten Global Justice Law Review Articles 2008, (New York: Oxford University Press, 2009)
  • “Deliberation and Legitimacy in Transnational Environmental Governance: The Case of Environmental Impact Assessment” (2007) 38 Victoria University Wellington Law Review 381

Doctoral Research with Professor Craik

Dr. Neil Craik accepts doctoral students with interests and background in international environmental law and governance, as well as climate change policy into Ph.D. programs in the Faculty of Environment and the Balsillie School of International Affairs. Specific research areas in which Dr. Craik is currently involved include:

Climate Engineering Law and Policy:

Deliberate, large scale interventions in the Earth’s climate as a response to global climate change, are emerging as a significant issue within global and domestic public policy and regulatory arenas. My research in this area examines international and Canadian legal and policy options for assessing and regulating research and possible deployment of climate engineering technologies.

Key Publications:

  • "International EIA Law and Geoengineering: Do Emerging Technologies Require Special Rules?" Climate Law (2015)
  • “Disclosure-based Governance for Climate Engineering Research”, (2014) CIGI Paper No. 50

Environmental Assessment in the Anthropocene:

Science, Politics and Law in a Age of Rapid Environmental Change: My research in this area focuses on international environmental legal processes that seek to account for high levels of scientific uncertainty and deep political and ethical divisions respecting future development pathways. I am particularly interested in the integration of climate change considerations into environmental impact and the role of environmental assessment in structuring sustainable transnational financial interactions.

Key Publications:

  • “Biodiversity-inclusive Impact Assessment”, in Razzaque and Morgera, eds. Biodiversity and Nature Protection Law, (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2015, forthcoming)
  • “Principle 17: Environmental Impact Assessment” in Jorge Vinuales (ed,) The Rio Declaration on Environment and Development: A Commentary, Oxford Commentaries on International Law (Oxford University Press, 2015) 451-470
  • The International Law of Environmental Impact Assessment, (Cambridge University Press, 2008).

Dr. Craik welcomes inquiries from interested prospective students on these research areas. 

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