Eric Helleiner

Professor | Faculty of Arts Chair in International Political Economy

Eric HelleinerAreas of specialization

International political economy,

International money and finance,

North-South economic relations,

History of political economy

BA (Toronto), MSc (London School of Economics), PhD (London School of Economics)

Research profile

Single authored books include:

  • States and the Reemergence of Global Finance (Cornell, 1994)
  • The Making of National Money: Territorial Currencies in Historical Perspective (Cornell, 2003)
  • Towards North American Monetary Union? The Politics and History of Canada's Exchange Rate Regime (McGill-Queen's, 2006)
  • The Forgotten Foundations of Bretton Woods: International Development and the Making of the Postwar Order (Cornell, 2014)
  • The Status Quo Crisis: Global Financial Governance After the 2008 Meltdown (Oxford, 2014). 

Co-edited books include:

  • Nation-States and Money (1999), 
  • Economic Nationalism in a Globalizing World (2005), 
  • The Future of the Dollar (2009), 
  • Global Finance in Crisis: The Politics of International Regulatory Change (2010),
  • The Great Wall of Money: Politics and Power in China's International Monetary Relations (2014). 

Eric has also edited/co-edited a number of special issues/sections of journals on the following topics: The Political Economy of International Capital Mobility (1994), The Geopolitics of North-South Monetary Relations (2002), The Dollar's Destiny as a World Currency (2008), The Geopolitics of Sovereign Wealth Funds (2009), Crisis and the Future of Global Financial Governance (2009), and The Greening of Global Financial Markets? (2011). 

He has published over 100 journal articles and book chapters on other issues relating to international political economy, and has been a member of the Warwick Commission on International Financial Reform and the High Level Panel on the Governance of the Financial Stability Board. 

He has been a Canada Research Chair, a CIGI Chair, and was founding Director of the MA and PhD Programs in Global Governance at the Balsillie School of International Affairs. He is presently co-editor of the book series Cornell Studies in Money, and has served as co-editor of the journal Review of International Political Economy and associate editor of the journal Policy Sciences.

For a full list of publications please see Dr. Helleiner's Curriculum vitae (pdf)

Awards and honours

  • Francesco Guicciardini Prize for Best Book in Historical International Relations
  • Canadian Political Science Association Prize in International Relations 
  • UW Excellence in Arts Award
  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada
  • Trudeau Foundation Fellows Prize
  • Donner Book Prize
  • Marvin Gelber Essay Prize in International Relations
  • Symons Award for Excellence in Teaching


Professor Helleiner teaches courses on global politics, international political economy, globalization, global governance, politics of global finance, the state and economic life, and North American integration.

"My goal is to get students as interested and excited about studying the politics of the global economy as I am. It's a fascinating and extremely important inter-disciplinary subject, and I hope to help undergraduate and graduate students understand its significance and complexities."

Contact information

Office: Hagey Hall 309
Phone: ext 33955

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