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Policies and forms

MA Handbook

We are pleased to welcome you to the Department of Political Science at the University of Waterloo! We hope that you find your experience here to be rich and rewarding. This handbook provides a brief overview of some of the most important information you will need as you start out on your graduate student journey – please feel free to let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Policies and forms


 Important dates

Table of academic term deadlines
Terms and Deadlines Spring 2017
May 1 - August 31
Fall 2017
September 1 - December 31
Winter 2018
January 1 - April 30
Graduate Open Class Enrolment Begins March 27 (M) July 25 (T) November 29 (W)
Term Begins May 1 (M) September 1 (F) January 1 (M)
Co-operative Work Term Begins May 1 (M) September 5 (T) January 2 (T)
Classes Begin May 1 (M) September 7 (Th) January 3 (W)
100% Tuition Refund Deadline May 19 (F) September 27 (W) January 23 (T)
Graduate Open Class Enrolment Ends May 28 (U) September 30 (S) February 2 (F)
Registration/Enrolment Closes - Last day for students to pay fees/enrol or change status June 30 (F) November 1 (W) February 1 (Th)
Government Reporting Date June 30 (F) November 1 (W) February 1 (Th)
Study Days N/A October 10, 11 (T, W)  February 19-23 (M-F)
50% Tuition Refund Deadline June 16 (F) October 25 (W) February 20 (T)
Convocation June 13-17 (T-S) October 20, 21 (F, S) N/A
Classes End July 25 (T) December 4 (M) April 4 (W)
Make-up Day(s) for in-term holidays and Study Days May 23 (T) October 12, 13 (Th, F) April 4 (W)
Pre-Examination Study Days July 26, 27 (W, Th) December 5, 6 (T, W) April 5, 6 (Th, F)
On-Campus Examinations Begin July 28 (F) December 7 (Th) April 9 (M)
Online Class Examination Days July 28, 29 (F, S) December 8, 9 (F, S) April 13, 14 (F, S)
On-Campus Examinations End August 11 (F) December 21 (Th) April 24 (T)
Co-operative Work Term Ends August 25 (F) December 22 (F) April 27 (F)
Program Completion Deadline for Convocation (see below) Fall Convocation
August 31 (Th)
Spring Convocation
April 30, 2018 (M)
Spring Convocation
April 30 (M)
Grades available on Quest September 1 (F) January 1 (M) May 1 (T)

The university will be closed on the following holidays.  No classes will be scheduled during these dates.

Table of holidays
Holidays Spring 2017 Fall 2017 Winter 2018
Victoria Day May 22 (M) N/A N/A
Canada Day July 3 (M) N/A N/A
Civic Holiday August 7 (M) N/A N/A
Labour Day N/A September 4 (M) N/A
Thanksgiving Day N/A October 9 (M) N/A
Closure for the Holiday Season N/A December 25-29 (M-F) N/A
New Year's Day N/A N/A January 1 (M)
Family Day N/A N/A February 19 (M)
Good Friday N/A N/A March 30 (F)