PSSA students sitting with Bardish Chagger in PSCI lounge.

Flexible, customized degrees with opportunities for experiential learning and real-world skill development

Academic plans

Honours and Four-Year General degree - At the undergraduate level, we offer a number of interesting opportunities for experiential learning while completing your degree. Students will choose an experiential learning pathway emphasizing co-operative education, engagement, or research.

Honours Arts & Business, Major in Political Science - Combine your Arts & Business degree with Political Science.  Instead of a standard business degree, you will earn a Bachelor of Arts with two areas of expertise: Political Science & Business. Business courses include accounting, management, economics, marketing, entrepreneurship, ethics and communication courses. You will also complete co-op or one of our other experiential pathways.

Political Science students can also combine their major with a double major in another discipline, and/or one or more minors.

We also offer a Three-Year General degree.

**PSCI Major students entering the program in or after Fall 2020 will not need PSCI 299 as part of their plan requirements. Students who started their plans with earlier effective dates, or who have not yet completed PSCI 299, may be granted an exemption or substitution for PSCI 299. To secure the exemption or substitution, you need to visit your Undergraduate Advisor. All students still require 16 PSCI courses (including a political theory or research methods course, two 400 level seminar courses, and an experiential pathway) in order to complete the major. Please see the UW Academic Calendar for complete details.**

Our innovative and distinctive program strengths

Our department has unique and distinctive specializations and minors in the following areas:

Politics & Business

  • Politics & Business Specialization - Study the relationship between politics and business, states and markets, economics and politics, and power and wealth in this specialization open to Political Science Majors
  • International Trade Minor – Open to all students, in any faculty, the International Trade Minor examines the exchange of goods and services across borders, and the far-reaching socio-economic and political implications.

Global Studies

  • Global Governance Specialization - Open to Political Science Majors, the Specialization in Global Governance provides the opportunity to study global responses to complex problems including conflict and peace-building, humanitarian crisis, global economic inequality, and environmental change.
  • International Relations Specialization - Offered jointly with history and available to both History and Political Science Majors, the Specialization in International Relations combines a strong grounding in international relations theory with courses in the history of inter-state relations.
  • International Studies Minor – Open to all students, in any faculty, International Studies courses examine the trans-national connectedness of contemporary global issues such as environmental sustainability, global poverty, economic development and protection of human rights.
  • International Trade Minor – Open to all students, in any faculty, the International Trade Minor examines the exchange of goods and services across borders, and the far-reaching socio-economic and political implications.

Public Policy & Administration

  • Canadian Politics Specialization - Open to Political Science Majors, this specialization will engage students in different aspects of Canadian government and politics. Students will gain a breadth and depth of knowledge in both general and specialized courses that critically examine Canadian institutions, Canada’s constitutional framework, the development and implementation of public policy in different areas, political party organization and electoral competition, and issues affecting Canada’s indigenous people.
  • Public Policy & Administration Minor  – Open to all students, in any faculty, the Public Policy & Administration Minor studies political institutions within specific countries through the completion of courses on public policy and public administration in Canada and elsewhere.

Programs that lead to our suite of unique graduate programs

Our undergraduate streams are designed, among other things, to help prepare students for entrance into our three related streams of graduate programs:

Master of Political Science

A UW undergraduate degree in Political Science prepares students for our MA in Political Science. This Master’s program gives students the opportunity to focus their studies in the fields of political economy, conflict and conflict resolution, or Canadian politics.

Master of Arts in Global Governance

Our Global Governance & International Relations Specializations prepare students for The Balsillie School of International Affairs MA in Global Governance. An interdisciplinary program, in which Political Science is a leading partner, which provides world-class instruction, fostering intellectual leadership in the emerging field of global governance including examination of the variety of actors, institutions, ideas, rules, and processes that contribute to the management of global society.

Master of Public Service

An undergraduate degree in political science is excellent preparation for our Master of Public Service program. A professional graduate degree, housed in the Department of Political Science, it prepares students to be effective public service employees by equipping students with the knowledge, skills and experience to effectively design and implement policies and deliver public services. Students who have taken our Public Policy and Administration Minor or our Specialization in Canadian Politics may be especially interested.