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International Studies minor

The International Studies minor is open to students completing any major. You will combine courses from departments across the university that allow you to look at globalization, migration, cross-border trade finance, global governance, colonialism, global justice, transnationalism, diplomacy and other global processes from a variety of perspectives. The international studies minor works well with any major and will give you a broad and diverse background to prepare you for jobs in the public or private sector that require an international perspective.

Requirements for the International Studies minor

International Studies

International Trade Minor

What drives international trade? How does international trade affect welfare in industrialized and developing economies? What has its contribution been to poverty elimination? What is the impact of trade on the global environment? How are trade policies determined? Does trade affect how people vote?

These are among the important questions addressed in the which affords students a unique opportunity to combine courses from economics and political science.

Because international trade directly affects everyone’s lives and has a central role in policy-making, the International Trade minor is an ideal preparation for students seeking careers in government, the private sector or with NGOs.

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Canadian Politics and Public Policy Minor

Who holds power to make decisions for Canadians? How do governments choose courses of action to address important problems? What factors influence the design of public policy and whose interests are considered? These and other questions are addressed in the Canadian Politics and Public Policy Minor. The minor aims to equip students with knowledge of the structure and functions of Canadian political institutions, as well as skills in policy research and analysis. Many Political Science graduates pursue careers in public service, so the Canadian Politics and Public Policy Minor offers a strong foundation of knowledge and skills to support this career path

The Canadian Politics and Public Policy Minor is offered to those NOT majoring in Political Science.

Requirements for Canadian Politics and Public Policy minor

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Politics and Business Minor

How are politics and business inter-linked? Scholars of political economy have debated this fascinating question for centuries. It is even more important today in the context of profound political and economic transformations taking place in the current age. In what ways is the role of the state in economic life being upended in today’s world? What kinds of rapid changes are taking place in the relationship between the distribution of wealth and power in contemporary capitalism? More than ever, the relationship between politics and business is central to the world’s future. Students pursuing this minor can explore political economy dimensions of a wide range of topics, such as environmental and labour issues, food and agriculture, money and finance, globalization and economic development, and the rise of China.

The Politics and Business minor is offered to those NOT majoring in political science.

Requirements for the Politics and Business minor

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