Visiting scholars & Post-Docs

Visiting Scholars in the Department of Political Science

The Department of Political Science welcomes visiting scholars every year. We are especially interested in hosting scholars who have an academic interest in global governance, political economy, and/or public policy and public administration, or who are collaborators of our faculty members.

While these positions are limited, the Department is usually able to offer our visiting scholars office space and, on occasion, an opportunity to teach where appropriate. Each visiting scholar is also expected to give a talk to the department (faculty, staff, and students) about their research.  

Prospective visiting scholars and those interested in having the Department of Political Science host their postdoctoral fellowship should secure a letter of support from a current member of the department faculty and send a statement of interest and a recent CV to Prof. Aaron Ettinger,, who is currently chair of the Outreach Committee responsible for screening candidates.                        

Visiting Scholar & Post-Doc  profiles
Maxime Boucher profile picture.

Maxime Boucher (2017-2019) FQR Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Interests: Lobbying, Public policy, Public administration, Democracy, Corporate political activities, Revolving door lobbying, Corporate citizenship rights.

Maxime’s research has appeared in the Canadian Journal of Political Science and L’Administration contemporaine de l’État.

His research, funded by the SSHRC and the FQR, focuses on two complementary aspects of lobbying and corporate political activities. By making use of “big data” sources such as the lobbying registry, it shows how Canadian political institutions affect the relations between organized interests and policy-makers. He is also interested in the regulation of lobbying and other forms of corporate political activities in North America and Europe. His research on the topic shows how lobbying regulation affects the state of corporate political rights in contemporary democracies.


Malcolm profile picture.

Malcolm Campbell-Verduyn (2015-2017) | SSHRC Post Doc

Research Interests: International Political Economy, Global Governance, Science and Technology, Finance and Money, Cultural and Moral Economy

Malcolm’s research has appeared in Business and Politics, Competition and Change, Global Society, New Political Economy, and the Journal of European Public Policy 

His current research, supervised by Professor Eric Helleiner, explores how the structure and dynamics of contemporary global governance are being altered by applications of emergent technologies. Through qualitative methods and a theoretical approach emphasising the authority of technical systems he is investigating dynamics of power and legitimacy involved in applications of high-frequency, peer-to-peer and blockchains technologies. 



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