Graduate courses

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Fall 2020 graduate courses offered remotely with some synchronous elements (tentative, subject to change)
Course code Course name Instructor
PSCI 600 Theories and Methods of Political Analysis Jingjing Huo
PSCI 604 Global Environmental Governance Jennifer Clapp
PSCI 619 China and Global Governance Hongying Wang
PSCI 623 Democratic Theory and Practice Anna Drake
PSCI 631 The State and Economic Life Heather Whiteside
PSCI 657 International Organizations Andrew Cooper
PSCI 666 Rights and Public Policy Emmett Macfarlane
PSCI 683 International Political Economy Horatiu Rus
PSCI 685 Politics of Authoritarianism Mariam Mufti
PSCI 688 Governance and Global Economy Eric Helleiner
Winter 2021 graduate courses (tentative, subject to change)
Course code Course name Instructor
PSCI 620 Gender and Global Politics Veronica Kitchen
PSCI 639 Global Social Governance Gerard Boychuk
PSCI 650 Comparative Politics Jingjing Huo
PSCI 652 Topics on Third World Politics Hongying Wang
PSCI 661 Canadian Politics 1 (Canadian National Politics) Gerard Boychuk
PSCI 663 Politics of Indigenous Peoples Rowland Robinson
PSCI 671 Women and Public Policy: The Body Politic Alana Cattapan
PSCI 683 Politics of International Trade Horatiu Rus
PSCI 683 Topics in International Political Economy Eric Helleiner
PSCI 684 Special Topics in International Diplomacy Andy Cooper
PSCI 687 Explaining Interstate War Alexander Lanoszka
Spring 2021 graduate courses
Course code Course name Instructor
none no courses offered none