Enhancing the health and wellbeing of populations internationally

Through multi-disciplinary research and policy work carried out by faculty members across the University of Waterloo in collaboration with researchers and practitioners in other organisations across Canada and the world, the Global Health Policy and Innovation Research Centre (GHPI) is working to advance improvements in the health of populations across the world.

  1. May 1, 2020The impact of neglected tropical diseases on the health and wellbeing of communities in Kenya

    Elizabeth Ochola is a Post Doctoral Fellow working with Dr. Karla Boluk in the Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies at the University of Waterloo. She completed her Ph.D. in Geography under the mentorship of Dr. Susan Elliot; her field research was supported by the Queen Elizabeth Scholarships and the David Johnston International Experience award. Elizabeth is trained in both laboratory and social sciences and is interested in applying an interdisciplinary lens when solving global health challenges. Her current research interests are in infectious disease, wellbeing, gender studies, placemaking initiatives and sustainability.


  2. Mar. 6, 2020Mining, health and redistribution

    My name is Lesley Johnston, and I am a Ph.D. candidate the School of Public Health Sciences. I have long held an interest in the way mining impacts health, probably because I grew up alongside the developing oil/tar sands sector in Alberta. Many of my family and friends found economic opportunities in Northern Alberta, yet evidence of growing inequality in the province was everywhere. I witnessed gaps in service and cost increases that arose with the population influx to the region, the rise of sexually transmitted infections, and the escalation in violence. While some of these issues are attended to, the underlying structural drivers that privilege some groups over others remain neglected.

  3. Feb. 19, 2020Exploring the impacts of climate change on health and wellbeing: field lessons
    Roxanne Springer, PhD candidate

    My name is Roxanne Springer. Just over 4 years ago, I began my PhD in the Department of Geography and Environmental Management (GEM), supported by funding from the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship (QES) program. My research investigates climate change impacts on wellbeing in Barbados, specifically exploring the association between climate change, wellbeing and non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

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