Our mandate

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AIDS Information Board in Swaziland.


The Global Health Policy and Innovation Research Centre aims:

  • To enhance the health and well being of populations internationally
  • To alleviate global health inequities by creating solutions that target under-served and vulnerable communities
  • To provide training and mentoring to create the health leadership the world needs to continue to meet global health challenges in the future


  • Facilitating joint research projects by faculty members working across faculties
  • Raising the profile of global health policy research by hosting high profile events such as visiting speakers and film screenings to present on topics of global interest
  • Training and mentoring students, e.g. by offering opportunities as assistants on research projects, by providing information about experiential opportunities off campus, and (when funding is available) supporting students in innovative projects in health
  • Raising the profile of global health policy at the university
  • Contributing to the generation of applied research by responding selectively to requests-for-proposals related to global health policy of interest to centre members