TAs are employees of the University of Waterloo and have supervisory positions.  Under common law and various statutes, including the Occupational Health & Safety Act and the Workplace Safety & Insurance Act, the University of Waterloo has the following obligations: take every reasonable precaution; appoint competent persons; provide information, instruction and supervision to protect health and safety.
Effective January 2009, all TAs will be required to complete an on-line health, safety and environment orientation training program (~1.5 hours) developed and offered by the Safety Office either as a stand-alone module or as part of a Faculty’s TA training.  The program will contain core health, safety and environment information, including: legislative rights; duties and responsibilities; applicable University of Waterloo policies, procedures and guidelines; emergency procedures (fire and injury/illness); personal safety and security; hazardous materials -- WHMIS offered as either Awareness training (employees who have little contact with hazardous materials) or Competency training (employees who have regular contact with hazardous materials).
This training program is intended to complement department - and/or Faculty-specific WHMIS hazardous material training. It is not a substitute.