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Subject Faculty
Academic Integrity (ACINTY) Health (AHS)
Applied Health Sciences (AHS) Health (AHS)
Health Studies (HLTH) Health (AHS)
Health Studies and Gerontology (HSG) Health (AHS)
Kinesiology (KIN) Health (AHS)
Public Health Sciences (PHS) Health (AHS)
Recreation & Leisure Studies (REC) Health (AHS)
Social Work (SWK) Health (AHS)
Academic Integrity (ACINTY) Arts (ART)
Accounting (ACC) Arts (ART)
Anthropology (ANTH) Arts (ART)
Classical Studies (CLAS) Arts (ART)
Cognitive Science (COGSCI) Arts (ART)
Digital Experience Innovation (DEI) Arts (ART)
Economics (ECON) Arts (ART)
English (ENGL) Arts (ART)
Fine Arts (FINE) Arts (ART)
French Studies (FR) Arts (ART)
German (GER) Arts (ART)
Global Governance (GGOV) Arts (ART)
Greek (GRK) Arts (ART)
History (HIST) Arts (ART)
Latin (LAT) Arts (ART)
Philosophy (PHIL) Arts (ART)
Political Science (PSCI) Arts (ART)
Psychology (PSYCH) Arts (ART)
Public Service (PS) Arts (ART)
Religious Studies (RS) Arts (ART)
Russian (RUSS) Arts (ART)
Sociology (SOC) Arts (ART)
Taxation (TAX) Arts (ART)
Theoretical Neuroscience (TN) Arts (ART)
Women's Studies (WS) Arts (ART)
Peace & Conflict Studies (PACS) Conrad Grebel (CGC)
Academic Integrity (ACINTY) Engineering (ENG)
Architecture (ARCH) Engineering (ENG)
Bus, Entrepreneurship & Tech (BET) Engineering (ENG)
Business Entrepreneurship (BE) Engineering (ENG)
Chemical Engineering (CHE) Engineering (ENG)
Civil Engineering (CIVE) Engineering (ENG)
Design and Manufacturing (DM) Engineering (ENG)
Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) Engineering (ENG)
Management Sciences (MSCI) Engineering (ENG)
Mechanical Engineering (ME) Engineering (ENG)
Nanotechnology (NANO) Engineering (ENG)
Nuclear Engineering (UN) Engineering (ENG)
Systems Design Engineering (SYDE) Engineering (ENG)
Academic Integrity (ACINTY) Environment (ENV)
Economic Development (ECDEV) Environment (ENV)
Enviro, Resources & Sust (ERS) Environment (ENV)
Environment and Business (ENBUS) Environment (ENV)
Geog & Env. Mgmt, Climate Chng (GEMCC) Environment (ENV)
Geography (GEOG) Environment (ENV)
International Development (INDEV) Environment (ENV)
Planning (PLAN) Environment (ENV)
Social Innovation (SOCIN) Environment (ENV)
Sustainability Management (SUSM) Environment (ENV)
Tourism (TOUR) Environment (ENV)
Co-op (COOP) Graduate Studies (GRAD)
Graduate Studies (GS) Graduate Studies (GRAD)
Quantum Info & Computation (QIC) Graduate Studies (GRAD)
Water (WATER) Graduate Studies (GRAD)
Co-op (COOP) Interdisciplinary (VPA)
Academic Integrity (ACINTY) Mathematics (MAT)
Actuarial Science (ACTSC) Mathematics (MAT)
Applied Mathematics (AMATH) Mathematics (MAT)
Combinatorics & Optimization (CO) Mathematics (MAT)
Computational Mathematics (CM) Mathematics (MAT)
Computer Science (CS) Mathematics (MAT)
Mathematics (MATH) Mathematics (MAT)
Pure Mathematics (PMATH) Mathematics (MAT)
Statistics (STAT) Mathematics (MAT)
English for Multilingual Speakers (EMLS) Renison (REN)
Academic Integrity (ACINTY) Science (SCI)
Biology (BIOL) Science (SCI)
Chemistry (CHEM) Science (SCI)
Earth Science (EARTH) Science (SCI)
Optometry (OPTOM) Science (SCI)
Pharmacy (PHARM) Science (SCI)
Physics (PHYS) Science (SCI)
Catholic Thought (CT) St. Jeromes (STJ)
Academic Integrity (ACINTY) Theology (THL)
Theological Studies (TS) Theology (THL)