The Certificate in University Teaching provides an opportunity for graduate students to develop their teaching skills and is open to doctoral students who are interested in pursuing an academic career. Completion of the required courses will enhance the competitiveness of graduate students in obtaining academic positions.

The Certificate is offered jointly by the Centre for Teaching Excellence (CTE) and by the Associate Vice-President, Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs, and is open to interested doctoral students in all Faculties. Students must obtain permission to enter the Certificate and must have completed the Centre for Teaching Excellence's Fundamentals of University Teaching program.

Students who participate in the program should have held (or concurrently hold) teaching assistantships, and ideally will have the opportunity, during their time as students, for some classroom teaching.

In order to obtain the certificate, students must successfully complete three Graduate Studies (GS) courses (GS 901, GS 902 and GS 903). Students register for the program through Quest, and have one year to complete each course. GS 901 is a pre-requisite for GS 902. Note: These courses may only be applied for credit towards the Certificate in University Teaching and may not be counted towards any degree.

All work must be deemed acceptable by CTE evaluators in order for students to pass each component. More specific guidelines and requirements for each component of the Certificate are available at the Centre for Teaching Excellence website.