Fee payment instructions, withdrawals, program completion and refunds

Fee payment instructions

Fee payment instructions are available through the Finance website. The University reserves the right to require a student to withdraw from a course or program for academic or other reasons.


A student who voluntarily withdraws from their academic program must complete and submit a Change of enrolment status form available from Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs (GSPA). This form, when signed by the Associate Dean (Graduate Studies) of the student's Faculty and the Director of Graduate Studies Academic Services or their delegates, may entitle the student to a refund as listed below (not applicable to the Master of Taxation program - see Graduate Fee Schedules).

Program completion

Graduate students enrolled in graduate degree or diploma programs who complete all of the program requirements (including the submission of all final approved copies of the thesis) must apply for graduation in Quest. Their Department will verify the completion of degree requirements and approval to graduate.   


Students may be entitled to a refund of tuition fees. Detailed information about refunds is available on the Finance website.