The following definitions are applicable to prospective students and to students currently enrolled in graduate studies at the University of Waterloo.

Non-degree graduate students

Applicants possessing an Honours Bachelor's degree or equivalent who intend to take one or more graduate courses but are not proceeding to a degree or a diploma should apply for non-degree admission. Consult with the department/school offering the intended course(s) to determine if non-degree status is possible. Non-degree admission will be limited to programs that offer part-time status, and fees will be charged at the research/coursework master’s rate including any incidental fees. Any requests for full-time enrolment would not normally be granted.

Non-degree graduate students who wish to apply to a graduate degree program must follow the regular admission process and meet program requirements. Admission into a graduate degree program from a non-degree status is not guaranteed.

Students accepted into a graduate degree program will only receive credit for courses taken as a non-degree graduate student on the recommendation of the academic unit offering that graduate degree program and with approval by the Associate Dean (Graduate Studies). As an upper bound, students may transfer no more than one-half the course credits required for the degree. Programs may choose to set a lower limit, at the time of admission, of courses allowed for transfer.