To maintain the integrity of the University of Waterloo’s student records, each student is required to provide, either on application for admission or on personal data forms needed for initial registration, their complete legal name. The University requires that individuals use their legal name on all legal records and official documents.

Students’ Chosen/Preferred First Name

A student’s chosen/preferred first name is typically the first name that they commonly use, and may differ from their legal first name. Waterloo also recognizes that, as an inclusive community, many of its members use first names other than their legal first names to identify themselves. The University acknowledges that as per the Ontario Human Rights Code, students have the right to be addressed by their chosen name.

Changing Students’ Names on Official Documents

Students who wish to change their legal name(s) (first, middle, and/or last) used for official documents are required to provide acceptable documentation or photo identification reflecting the change, or in their absence, complete a statutory declaration.

Note: It is not currently possible to accommodate requests to include accents and special characters on official transcripts nor can these characters be displayed as part of the student’s centrally maintained academic record. Students wishing to include accents or special characters in their names on diplomas need to provide that information during the Application to Graduate process.

More information

View the updating name(s) web page for options and instructions.