Course subject: Business Entrepreneurship (BE)

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Business Entrepreneurship (BE) 600 Management and Leadership (0.50) LEC,RDG,SEM

Course ID: 014671
This course provides students with the opportunity to develop a range of soft skills and the business acumen necessary to maximize the likelihood of business success. Topics include communication and interpersonal skills, leadership and negotiation skills. A range of applied approaches are used, including integrated cases, simulations and interactions with the local business community.

Business Entrepreneurship (BE) 601 Introduction to Financial and Managerial Accounting (0.50) LEC,RDG,SEM

Course ID: 013227
The course introduces students to the core elements of financial and managerial accounting. Specifically, the course objectives are to 1) assist managers to become proficient at interpreting numbers in financial statements and assessing their usefulness for business decisions, and 2) assist managers to understand the vital role that internal accounting information, or management accounting, plays in making better planning, organizing, controlling, improvement and compensation decisions. MEng and GDip students only.

Business Entrepreneurship (BE) 602 Data Analysis and Management (0.50) LEC,RDG,SEM

Course ID: 013226
Introduces students to the basic tools in using data to make informed management decisions. Coverage includes introductory probability, decision analysis, basic statistics, regression, simulation and linear optimization. Computer spreadsheet exercises, cases and examples will be drawn from marketing, finance, operations manangement and other management functions. MEng and GDip students only.

Business Entrepreneurship (BE) 603 Operations and Supply Chain Management (0.50) LEC,RDG,SEM

Course ID: 013225
Introduces students to supply chain and operations management. Covers systems integration, scheduling, forecasting, inventory management, quality management, lean thinking, supply chain management, supply chain collaboration and people and operations. The course uses case studies, a simulation, class discussions, exercises and lectures covering a broad range of operations environments. MEng and GDip students only.

Business Entrepreneurship (BE) 604 Marketing Management (0.50) LEC,RDG,SEM

Course ID: 013224
This course looks at how organizations develop a market orientation and examines the development of marketing strategy in relation to target markets selected, competitive advantages created and exploited and market positioning. The marketing mix of product, price promotion and distribution and the new product development process are also covered. MEng and GDip students only.

Business Entrepreneurship (BE) 605 Project Management (0.50) LEC,RDG,SEM

Course ID: 013223
This course introduces students to the key areas of Project Management. Specifically, the course objectives are to: 1) assist managers in identifying and scheduling project resources, 2) assist managers to conceptualize, plan, schedule, control and execute projects, 3) assist managers to be conversant in project risk management and 4) enable managers to gain a better understanding of the comprehensive nature of project management, including subjects such as best practices, leadership skills and operations. MEng and GDip students only.

Business Entrepreneurship (BE) 606 Entrepreneurship and Innovation (0.50) LEC,RDG,SEM

Course ID: 013222
This course introduces students to the theory underlying entrepreneurship, venture creation and innovation management, as well as its practical implications. Topics covered include introduction to entrepreneurship and innovation, the dynamics of innovation, corporate entrepreneurship and commercializaiton, venture creation and the management of high-performance innovative teams. MEng and GDip students only.