Course subject: English (ENGL)

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English (ENGL) 700 Rhetorical Studies (0.50) SEM

Course ID: 001021
A course in rhetorical theory and criticism for graduate-level students.

English (ENGL) 701 Critical Design Methods (0.50) LAB

Course ID: 016198
This course introduces students to both the theory and practice of Critical Design, broadly construed. Critical Design is not a field of its own, but a mode of design thinking that is informed by critical theories and research methods from the arts and humanities. Critical Design can intersect with and draw on established fields of design from graphic and UX design to industrial and urban design. The course begins with an overview of the history of design as critique, before examining the recent emergence of research-creation practices such as speculative design, critical making, discursive design, and applied media theory. The positionality of designers and audiences will be considered in readings and assignments that focus on gender, disability, race, and class. Special attention will be paid to the design of media technologies and the infrastructures that support them, which involves methods in UX design, sustainable hardware design, and digital urban design. Students will demonstrate their knowledge of course materials through writing, design, and light fabrication.

English (ENGL) 702 Rhetorical Research Methods (0.50) SEM

Course ID: 016284
This course is an introduction to research methods used in rhetoric, communication design, and writing studies. Emphasis is placed on research ethics, the fit of method to research design, the interdisciplinary scope of research methods, the emergence of new research methods, and the development of research proposals. Students will become familiar with a range of methods, including methods in technical and professional communication, mixed methods, and rhetorical field methods, among others. This course suggests method as a practice as well as an object of study, connecting well-known traditional methods in rhetoric, communication design, and writing studies to those that are emergent, new, and mixed. This course allows students to map a variety of methods while understanding the relationship between practices (methods) and theoretical frameworks (methodologies), allowing students to pair appropriate methods to their own research questions. Outcomes of this course are an understanding of how to design a research project and how to support it with methods that are appropriate, feasible, flexible, and ethical.

English (ENGL) 725 Studies in Romanticism (0.50) SEM

Course ID: 010564

English (ENGL) 780 Studies in Genre (0.50) SEM

Course ID: 010572

English (ENGL) 789 Writing Studies (0.50) SEM

Course ID: 014218

English (ENGL) 790 Discourse Analysis (0.50) SEM

Course ID: 010574

English (ENGL) 791 Professional Writing (0.50) SEM

Course ID: 010575

English (ENGL) 792 Semiotics (0.50) SEM

Course ID: 010576

English (ENGL) 793 History of Rhetoric (0.50) SEM

Course ID: 010577

English (ENGL) 794 Digital Culture (0.50) SEM

Course ID: 010578

English (ENGL) 795 Studies in Selected Topics (0.50) SEM

Course ID: 010579

English (ENGL) 796 Propaganda and Ideology (0.50) SEM

Course ID: 009098

English (ENGL) 798 Digital Design (0.50) SEM

Course ID: 009099

English (ENGL) 799 Media Theory and Critique (0.50) SEM

Course ID: 001201