Course subject: Environment & Resource Studies (ERS)

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Enviro, Resources & Sust (ERS) 604 Advanced Topics in Global Environmental Governance (0.50) SEM

Course ID: 001205
This course examines the ways in which environmental challenges are being addressed by means of 'global governance' - that is, international organizations and institutions intended to deal with these environmental challenges. Concepts are investigated both to help analyze the relative strengths and weaknesses of existing structures and to suggest ways in which alternative forms of global governance might advance sustainability. Specific organizations and other actors presently active in global environmental governance are given particular attention, as is the management of selected global environmental challenges.

Enviro, Resources & Sust (ERS) 606 Governing Global Food and Agriculture (0.50) LEC

Course ID: 012710
This course examines the international rules and organizations that have emerged to govern the increasingly global system of food and agriculture. Specific themes to be covered include governance issues related to the rise of global food corporations, agricultural trade liberalization and the WTO, food aid distribution, international agricultural assistance, the global agro-chemical industry and agricultural biotechnology.

Enviro, Resources & Sust (ERS) 606 Governing Global Food and Agriculture Systems (0.50) SEM

Course ID: 012738
This course examines the international rules and organizations that have emerged to govern the increasingly global system of food and agriculture. Specific themes to be covered include governance issues related to the rise of global food corporations, agricultural trade liberalization and the WTO, food aid distribution, international agricultural assistance, the global agro-chemical industry, and agricultural biotechnology.

Enviro, Resources & Sust (ERS) 615 Community Economic Development (0.50) SEM

Course ID: 001842
Community Economic Development is a field of theory, process and practice that is concerned with understanding the forces shaping communities and finding sustainable local solutions to economic needs. This seminar course will examine topics such as capacity-building, asset-based strategies, social capital, poverty-alleviation, social enterprises and co-operatives, and comprehensive community initiatives, using international and local examples and case studies.

Enviro, Resources & Sust (ERS) 619 Energy Sustainability (0.50) LEC,RDG,SEM

Course ID: 012666
Renewable and non-renewable energy supply systems are compared using economic and environmental measures. Consumption trends, conservation options and choices are considered at the household, community and global scales. Projects are used to demonstrate the economic and environmental challenges in the design of sustainable energy systems. *eligible for MES.

Enviro, Resources & Sust (ERS) 620 Skills Identification and Career Development (0.50) LEC

Course ID: 016537
This course leads students through resources and activities that provide them with the tools to be competitive in an employment context, and prepare them for a successful career in the environment, resource and sustainability science-policy context. Course material will also help prepare students for the research internship component of their program and provide students with an opportunity to support professional work-integrated-learning opportunities. Selected activities include: how to create personalized application packages; demonstrate that developing professional skills is of equal importance to developing technical ones; provide strategies to help students make the most of workplace opportunities and challenges; develop their ability to critically self-reflect and plan for professional growth.

Enviro, Resources & Sust (ERS) 622 Biosphere Reserves as Social-Ecological Systems (0.50) LEC,RDG,SEM

Course ID: 014738
The Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve is one of 16 UNESCO biosphere reserves in Canada, and is used as a setting to learn about sustainable community development, adaptive resource management, and social and ecological resilience. The main objective is to link practical experience "on the ground" with some of the theoretical concepts related to sustainability and complex social ecological systems.

Enviro, Resources & Sust (ERS) 654 Parks and Protected Areas (0.50) LEC,RDG,SEM

Course ID: 014739
Government decisions to conserve rather than develop natural resources are nationally and internationally significant, but are often controversial. This course examines public policy objectives, issues and diverse perspectives related to the conservation of marine and terrestrial environments through the establishment and ongoing management of parks and protected areas. Lectures, seminar discussions and assignments engage students in the exploration of key public policy conservation issues.

Enviro, Resources & Sust (ERS) 660 Foundations in Resource and Environmental Management (0.50) SEM

Course ID: 001210
Current research and practice in resource and environmental management. *eligible for MES.

Enviro, Resources & Sust (ERS) 669 Research and Design Methods (0.50) LEC

Course ID: 001213
This course will examine different ways of knowing and modes of research design relevant for interdisciplinary environmental research. Students will also be introduced to an array of quantitative and qualitative research methods in the natural and social sciences and will explore methods relevant to their research through class discussions and assignments.

Enviro, Resources & Sust (ERS) 674 Special Topics in Environment and Resource Studies (0.50) SEM

Course ID: 012340
These courses allow for additions to the program on a short-term basis, and for development of future permanent courses. (Note: Field trip fee may apply)

Enviro, Resources & Sust (ERS) 675 Special Readings and Seminars on Selected Topics in Environment and Resource Studies (0.50) RDG

Course ID: 010430
Particular offerings may be initiated by a faculty member in consultation with interested students. In all cases instructor consent is required.

Enviro, Resources & Sust (ERS) 678 Governing the Commons (0.50) LEC

Course ID: 016298
This course revolves around the definition, concepts, evolution, and approaches of 'commons' as an interdisciplinary field of study. 'Governing the Commons' focuses directly on the theory, practice and policy pertaining to the commons and highlights the significance of collective action across multiple scales in responding to the complex sustainability and governance challenges facing our environment and society.

Enviro, Resources & Sust (ERS) 680 Sustainability Foundations (0.50) LEC

Course ID: 011631
This course is intended to help students establish a reasonable working base from which to explore different fields of interest related to the pursuit of sustainability in a world of complex socio-ecological systems. The course focuses on the nature and implications of the intertwined theories, concepts and principles that are foundational to studies and applications in the transdisciplinary MES program.

Enviro, Resources & Sust (ERS) 681 Sustainability Applications (0.50) LEC,RDG,SEM

Course ID: 014364
The course examines how societies can respond in practical ways to complexity, change and uncertainty, Social and ecological theory is blended with examples of applications and strategies (local/global) to support management and governance in social-ecological systems. Emphasis is placed on how individuals and societies can transcend disciplinary thinking to build our capacity to foster sustainability.

Enviro, Resources & Sust (ERS) 684 Soil in the Environment (0.50) LEC,RDG,SEM

Course ID: 014740
This course examines the role of soil in the environment and its importance as a natural resource in agricultural and forest productivity and the effects on soil due to mismanagement.

Enviro, Resources & Sust (ERS) 701 Sustainability in Complex Socio-Ecological Systems (0.50) SEM

Course ID: 013380
Consideration of transdisciplinary theoretical and methodological frameworks for analyzing issues that arise from the complex interactions among human decision making, communities and biophysical systems at various scales. The frameworks chosen are applicable to broad environment and resource issues as well as to a wide range of more specific topics.

Enviro, Resources & Sust (ERS) 702 Critical Analysis and Advance Research in Environmental Studies (0.50) SEM

Course ID: 013381
Examination of the process leading from design of critical transdisciplinary research to publication of findings and other outreach to the broader community. The course will include examination of doctoral research design in ERS, the nature of potential findings and means of dissemination of findings, including the diverse academic literature in environmental studies.