Course subject: Tourism (TOUR)

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Tourism (TOUR) 601 Contemporary Perspectives on Tourism (0.50) SEM

Course ID: 001400
This course will introduce participants to a variety of topics and research methods through presentations made by active researchers from Canada and abroad. *eligible for MES

Tourism (TOUR) 602 Seminar on Tourism Research (0.50) SEM

Course ID: 010723
Participants will prepare research proposals and present their proposals for discussion in a seminar situation.

Tourism (TOUR) 603 Sustainable Tourism (0.50) SEM

Course ID: 010724
This course examines sustainability issues relevant to tourism. Conceptual and practical examples related to economic, environmental, and social/cultural sustainability of tourism are critically appraised, combined with reviews of policy and institutional effects on sustainability practices. The course also focuses on best practices in sustainable tourism within government, non-government and private sector.

Tourism (TOUR) 604 Social Planning for Tourism (0.50) SEM

Course ID: 010725
The course will examine the social categorizations of tourism through an exploration of the interaction between the tourist and the host communities by investigating the socio-cultural impacts of tourism; host and guest attitudes, behaviours and responses to tourism; gender in tourism; indigenous tourism; tourism and morality; tourist promotional images; and authenticity and cultural commodification. The course will have an international focus through the presentation of case studies from both developed and developing countries.

Tourism (TOUR) 609 Practicum in Tourism (0.50) PRA

Course ID: 010726
This practicum course provides students with the opportunity to apply concepts and theories from other courses and their own reading to a better understanding of the functioning of some aspect of the tourism sector. The practicum will be administered under the supervision of a faculty member and will also involve the production of an appropriate academic report.

Tourism (TOUR) 675 Selected Topics in Tourism (0.50) RDG

Course ID: 010727
Topic(s) to be negotiated on an individual basis with faculty member. An outline for this course, approved by the professor in charge, must be submitted to the Program Director, within three weeks of registration.