Course subject: Women's Studies (WS)

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Women's Studies (WS) 601 Advanced Feminist Theory: Special Topics in Women's Issues (0.50) LEC

Course ID: 010452
This course focuses on the evolution of general theory and methodology in feminism from its base in Greek philosophy to the twentieth century critique of abstractionism and recent discourse in French feminism. What is reflected in feminist theory and methodology are changes in ideology and differential relations between the sexes over time.

Women's Studies (WS) 602 Theories of Gender Relations (0.50) SEM

Course ID: 003056
A critical examination of theories concerning the origin of sex inequality and an attempt to identify indicators of changing status of the sexes as well as factors which account for such changes.

Women's Studies (WS) 680 Directed Readings in Selected Topics (0.50) RDG

Course ID: 010454
This course offers the opportunity for independent study of specialized areas, theory and methodology, texts, discourses and writers of interest in the context of women's status and condition. Students are under the guidance of a faculty member involved in the Women's Studies Option.