Approved Doctoral Dissertation Supervisors (ADDS) - Applied Mathematics

The reputation and quality of an established Faculty depends in large measure on the quality of its PhD programs. In turn, this quality is very sensitive to the qualifications of the individuals to whom the Faculty delegates the responsibility for supervising PhD students. Identification as an Approved Doctoral Dissertation Supervisor (ADDS) is the personal accreditation of an individual faculty member and is based on their activity. The individuals so identified constitute the ADDSs in each Faculty.

Other faculty members may co-supervise PhD students along with a faculty member with ADDS status, and may serve on PhD Committees. Information on recent changes in the availability of ADDS can be obtained from the Graduate Officer of the particular department.

The Graduate Studies Academic Calendar lists the ADDS status faculty members below. A complete list of all University of Waterloo faculty members appears on the university departmental websites.

  • Bauch, C.
  • Campbell, S.A.
  • Chang, D.E.
  • De Sterck, H.
  • Del Ray Fernandez, D.
  • Emerson, J.
  • Girelli, F.
  • Guglielmi, R.
  • Ingalls, B.
  • Kempf, A.
  • Kohandel, M.
  • Krivodonova, L.
  • Lamb, K.G.
  • Layton, A.
  • Lipshitz, S.P.
  • Liu, J.
  • Liu, X.Z.
  • Martin-Martinez, E.
  • McLenaghan, R.G.
  • Miskovic, Z.
  • Morris, K.A.
  • Paldus, J.
  • Poulin, F.
  • Rhebergen, S.
  • Scott, M.
  • Siegel, D.
  • Sivaloganathan, S.
  • Stastna, M.
  • Vrscay, E.R.
  • Wainwright, J.
  • Waite, M.