The program information below is valid for the winter 2024 term (January 1, 2024 - April 30, 2024).

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The Accelerated Master's Program is available to qualified undergraduate students at the University of Waterloo who wish to begin graduate studies while still an undergraduate. This program offers the student several advantages:

  • The time spent in the Master of Mathematics (MMath) in Combinatorics and Optimization program can be reduced by up to one term.
  • The student can fill empty slots in his/her fourth year with more advanced courses or a cutting-edge research project.
  • The student does not have to worry throughout fourth year about post-graduation plans since admission decisions to the accelerated MMath in Combinatorics and Optimization program are typically made before the 4th year begins.

The degree requirements are the same as for the regular MMath in Combinatorics and Optimization program.

The program does not allow double-counting of courses for both undergraduate and graduate degree requirements, but it does allow students to take Bachelor of Mathematics (BMath) and MMath courses concurrently.

The co-op option is also available for this program.

Students must meet the following admission criteria:

  • Major in Combinatorics and Optimization or related field.
  • Average of at least 85% in all math courses.
  • Have completed 3B term.

Students interested in the program should apply using the online web form and should include the following information in the Supplementary Information Form (part of the application):

  • A clear statement that this application is for the accelerated MMath program.
  • A detailed list of remaining requirements for BMath completion as well as a timetable for when these requirements are expected to be met.

Students should include at least three letters of recommendation as part of their application for MMath admission. No test scores are required.

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