The program information below is valid for the winter 2024 term (January 1, 2024 - April 30, 2024).

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The Accelerated Master’s Program is designed for students who have demonstrated a strong performance by the time they have completed the four required third year Statistics courses, and who are interested in going to a graduate program. The intention is to allow such students to take two graduate level courses, either STAT 4xx/8xx at the 8xx level or STAT 9xx courses, in their fourth year. These courses do not count towards their undergraduate degree which will continue to require 40 courses, but do count towards their Master’s degree. Students could, for example, take one or two extra undergraduate courses during work terms, while doing Undergraduate Student Research Assistantships, or by taking six courses in a term. In total, these students will need to complete at least 42 courses by the end of their 4B term, two of which are either the 8xx versions of STAT 4xx/8xx courses or STAT 9xx courses.

Students in the program should be strong candidates for NSERC or OGS funding and would be encouraged to apply.

Admission requirements

Students will be admitted to the Accelerated Master’s Program normally in their third year, but no later than their 4A term. Admission requirements for the Accelerated Master’s program in Biostatistics include:

  • A completed application form.
  • A Minimum Major Average (MAV) ≥ 85%.
  • Completion of Stat 330, Stat 331, Stat 332, Stat 333 with no grade < 75%.
  • Three letters of reference.
  • A plan of study for the remainder of their undergraduate program that includes the STAT 4xx/8xx or STAT 9xx courses to be taken before completion of their undergraduate degree. This plan must be approved by the Associate Chair Undergraduate Studies and the Associate Chair Graduate Studies. Normally, a supervisor for an Accelerated Master’s students will be assigned at the time the student is admitted.

Continuing to Graduate School

To continue in a Master of Mathematics in Biostatistics program, students admitted to the Accelerated Master’s of Mathematics program in Biostatistics must:

  • Complete an Honours Mathematics Degree.
  • Continue to the Master Mathematics in Biostatistics program in the term following the completion of their undergraduate degree. With permission of the Chair of Graduate Studies, a student may defer the start of the Master’s program for one academic term.
  • Obtain credit according to graduate course requirements for at least one STAT 8xx or STAT 9xx course during their undergraduate degree. Credit for STAT 8xx or STAT 9xx courses taken during their undergraduate degree will count towards their Master’s degree providing all the regular requirements for graduate level courses are met. Students who fail to complete at least one STAT 8xx or STAT 9xx course during their undergraduate degree may have their offer of admission to the relevant Master’s program revoked. Continuation in the Master’s program is subject to the conditions that apply to the relevant Master’s program in the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science.

Graduation from the Master’s program

Students must meet all degree requirements for the relevant Master’s program.

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