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  1. Oct. 14, 2019Award of Excellence in Graduate Supervision - nominations now open!
    Jean Andrey beside car

    Do you know a graduate supervisor that has demonstrated excellence in their field, as well as being a mentor, advisor, and role model? Nominate an outstanding faculty member who has demonstrated excellence in graduate student supervision at the University of Waterloo!

  2. Sep. 25, 2019GRADtalks: The Role of the University in the Modern World
    Jeff Casello James Rush, Two GRADtalks speakers

  3. Sep. 9, 2019Get your refunds faster

    Effective Fall 2019, refunds of student financial aid, scholarships, awards, bursaries, GRS, tuition benefit, and tuition refunds for dropped courses, switching programs or changing residence/meal plan will be processed electronically by direct deposit to your account at a Canadian bank.

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  1. Oct. 15 to 18, 2019Speak like a Scholar (Fall 2019)

    Whether you are giving a conference presentation, a job talk, or defending your dissertation, as a graduate student you need to be able to speak with authority and knowledge about your research area, respond to questions, and engage in scholarly debate.

    Speak like a Scholar is designed to help doctoral students develop their professional scholarly voices and give effective academic presentations with confidence.

    The Writing and Communication Centre will be accepting applications to participate in Speak Like a Scholar from until September 14, 2019.

  2. Oct. 16, 2019Classroom delivery skills, CTE1226 (Fall 2019)

    This interactive workshop will provide teaching assistants with the techniques and confidence to effectively deliver an engaging lesson in the classroom. Topics covered in this workshop include: (i) methods for structuring your delivery, (ii) developing visual aids, (ii) strategies for preparation, (iv) dealing with nerves and anxiety and (iv) tips for engaging your students throughout the lesson.

    Additional Information

    Registration: Registration is required. Registration will open mid-September

  3. Oct. 17, 2019Academic Career Conference (Fall 2019)

    Are you a PhD student or Postdoctoral Fellow considering an academic career? Register for the Free full-day Academic Career Conference to learn more about academic work search including document and interview preparation, tips on managing your academic career, and advice and insights from faculty members. Sessions will also highlight the importance of negotiating job offers in academia, and the challenges associated with maintaining work-life balance when building your academic career.

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  1. Sep. 26, 2019Keys to research productivity: Work-life balance in the Waterloo Region
    Rocks balanced on the beach

    How does one avoid burnout in grad school, and maintain a high degree of personal effectiveness in one’s “GRADventure?” The answer to that is “don’t forget to have fun” – relaxation is key. ... Take advantage of what is around. There are many things one can do in Kitchener-Waterloo and surrounding areas.

  2. Aug. 14, 2019GRADventure profile: Angela Rooke
    Angela Rooke

    Angela Rooke, manager of graduate and postdoctoral experience, launched GRADventure in 2015 shortly after she began working in Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs. Recently, Angela was interviewed as part of the TRaCE PhD project, and shared about her PhD experience and her career path.

  3. July 24, 2019How to Translate Your Graduate Degree: Learning to Speak the Language of Hiring Managers
    Close up of a page in a dictionary.

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