Big Questions about Spirituality and Aging

Jane KuepferWhat skills do pastors need to minister well with older adults? What is the role of volunteering in later life, and how can organizations adjust as volunteers grow older? How might we make our churches more dementia friendly? How do we go about planning meaningful rituals for later life, like legacy celebrations? How do we listen well to the elders among us? What role might technology play? What about intergenerational connections? How do we talk about dying and death in the context of faith? What about MAiD—how do we navigate this in our church’s long-term care and retirement homes? What does spiritual care look like, and how can we provide it effectively in today’s world?

Grebel’s Spirituality and Aging program helps to connect the church with resources to address these questions and more. Our Aging and the Spiritual Life course (which accepts auditors), our annual Spirituality and Aging seminar,  and ongoing consulting and research, links pastors and the community with opportunities to learn from one another, and from scholars and spiritual care providers around the world. The church is in a unique position in society to appreciate and enrich the long lives with which many are blessed. 

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