New Initiative Sends Profs to Congregations

“Grebel faculty members have a wealth of expertise to share on a variety of topics,” observed Fred W. Martin, Director of Advancement. “Our new initiative, Grebel-to-Go, is an accessible and affordable way to connect our professors with community groups and churches.” 

Grebel to GoIn an effort to resource churches, schools, and civil society, Grebel is introducing this new program. Through lectures, presentations, workshops, adult and youth education, and sermons, faculty members at Grebel are eager to share their expertise in peace, music, worship, Mennonites, religious studies, theology, and history. 

Marcus Shantz sitting with Henry and Leonora Paetkau“How to Lead Worship Faithfully and Effectively,” “Land, People, and Covenant (Treaty!): Rediscovering the Doctrine of Discovery,” “What’s New in Anabaptist History,” and “How Technology is Shaping the Way We Live” are just a few of the potential offerings. Grebel-to-Go is a creative approach to educating communities about the past, present, and future of peace, religion, music, and worship. 

“Resourcing congregations and community groups is an important part of Grebel’s mission, and we hope that this initiative will show some of the possible ways our faculty can serve,” explained Troy Osborne, Dean and Associate Professor of History.

A special thanks goes to former Grebel President Henry Paetkau and his wife Leonora for generously funding Grebel-to-Go. “Making the very rich and diverse faculty resources at Grebel more widely available and easily accessible through Grebel-to-Go is an initiative we are enormously pleased to support,” said Henry. “We believe that both the Church and the College will be greatly enriched through this interaction.”

To book an in-person or virtual visit from a Grebel faculty member, contact Birgit Moscinski in the Dean’s Office at, call 519-885-0220 x24265, or visit the website