Garden Is a Symbol of Faith and Hope

Grebel will be creating a pollinator garden in the spring term! This garden will consist of a variety of native, pollinator-friendly perennials and shrubs, along with a picnic table, educational signs, and paths. We hope that it will be an eye-catching and inviting spot for Grebel students and anyone passing by.

Tarp lying on grass outside Grebel to prepare for gardenAs one of Grebel’s spring co-op students, I will be coordinating the creation of the garden. I have experience working at several urban farms in the past and have already begun planning for this project. I hope to have the plants well-established by the end of this season and will set plans in place to ensure they continue to thrive. My ultimate hope is that the garden not only raises awareness about the ecological crises we are facing, but also becomes a tangible, fingers-in-dirt symbol of hope and faith amidst these crises.

One way you can contribute right now is by making a donation to the project or by purchasing greeting cards designed by Grebel students, available at the reception desk. All funds from card sales will help us to purchase hardy seedlings and other important items for the garden! We will be involving volunteers in this project, so keep an ear out for those opportunities as well. We look forward to connecting with you more as this project progresses!

Consider a donation to help fund the garden!