Generosity Is on the Table

Earlier in the year, Grebel students were really behind the 8-ball when their pool table broke right in half! After a request for help in the College e-newsletter, the Thomas family—Phil and Marg (parents of Grebel alumni Neil and Graham)—stepped in and generously donated their table. The Thomas family shared that many Grebel friends had played KERP on this table in its previous life.

We are so grateful for this generous response. Ben Hollingsworth from Student Council notes, “we’ve saved huge amounts of money because of this donation. Now we can put funds toward improving student life in other ways. The generosity of the Thomas family is one of the things that makes life at Grebel so special and allows for students to really engage in community life. Thank you so much for your willingness to help the newest generation of Grebelites.”

It is gratifying to see our community respond to our student needs!