Inside Grebel Now Spring 2022

  • Students sitting outside for a Chapel service in the snow

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    Winter 2022 has been quite the exciting term for residence students! Due to the Omicron wave of the pandemic, we experienced a bit of a slow start. However, Student Council did everything we could to foster a warm, welcoming, and joyful environment for both new and returning students. Among other things, this included door decorating, online games nights, outdoor winter activities, and walk-a-mile in small groups. As restrictions eased, we hosted larger events such as Pi Day, a Bob Ross paint night, a games night, and the classic roommate challenge. Additionally, the Associate program has been exuberant this term as we can once again welcome Off-Campus Associates to Community Supper and into all areas of the building. Associates have also enjoyed multiple community-building campfires, a pizza lunch, and a BBQ potluck.

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  • The Kehl family standing next to the

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    Tables are Filled as Campaign is Complete

    An Open House on Saturday, March 26 signified the end of the Fill the Table Campaign as donors were invited to tour the new kitchen and dining room facilities. Food Services Manager Cheri Otterbein noted the vast improvements made in the kitchen and the challenges of feeding students in a construction zone. “When we moved into the new space it was ‘construction clean’, but we needed to make it ‘food services clean’, which meant that we had to wash every item that we own and, as a team, find the best locations for the knives, spices, and pots.”

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  • Members of Grebel standing outside next to the Crossings art

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    Alumni Art Acquisitions

    This spring, several alumni gathered to see Jim Paterson’s (BA 1981) Triumphal Entry sculpture that was featured as part of “Crossings, a journey to Easter” art exhibition in Toronto. In describing it, Jim wrote, “I started this art piece with a worn old slice of hand-hewn barn beam which grew into an animated, sinewy, wire sculpture crammed with the colours of my childhood and outline memories of people bobbing up and down in enthusiastic expectancy of Jesus turning into our street as part of His triumphal entry procession. I imagine the people on my street energized as we cry out ‘Baruch habah b’Shem Adonai.’”

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  • Students and Staff attending a peace speech contest

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    Oratorical Contest Winner

    Abi Kowalski and Tim Peters, two Grebel residents, participated in the C. Henry Smith Peace Oratorical Contest on March 2, 2022.

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