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Advancing the quality of community life

The Healthy Communities Research Network (HCRN) at the University of Waterloo is a collaborative web of faculty and graduate students dedicated to studying, critiquing, and evaluating the civic, socio-cultural, and environmental dimensions of health and well-being within community life. HCRN endeavours to produce socially relevant findings and recommendations that advance social science, policy, and social innovation, strengthen local communities, and improve the quality of community life.  

Considering grad school?

If you are a serious student with a passion for issues related to the quality of community life, please contact Troy Glover for information about joining the network.

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Meet our people

Troy Glover

Troy D. Glover, PhD

Professor and Healthy Communities Research Network Director

A focus on transformative placemaking

A healthy community requires healthy connections, and healthy connections require quality places in which meaningful social ties can develop and thrive. Accordingly, Troy Glover, professor in the Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies, director of the Healthy Communities Research Network, and member of the Placemaking Leadership Council of the Project for Public Spaces, focuses his attention on what he refers to as transformative placemaking, the creation of positive change for people and communities through the (re)shaping, (re)territorializing, and (re)making of community.