Want to enhance your organizational capacity? 

A healthy community requires healthy organizations that thoughtfully and deliberately engage in activities that benefit their intended beneficiaries. However, not every organization possesses the internal capacity to program in a meaningful way. The Healthy Communities Research Network (HCRN) addresses this skills gap by offering fee-for-service workshops and training sessions designed to build organizational capacity associated with program planning and evaluation. If interested, please contact HCRN to arrange a workshop tailored to your organization's needs, contract a trend analysis or literature review, or hire a facilitator. 

Outcome evaluation 101

This accessible and highly informative workshop walks participants through the process of developing a practical and useful outcome evaluation plan tailored to their specific organizations. Focusing attention on the outcomes for intended beneficiaries, the workshop trains participants how to create outcome logic models and identify outcome indicators and measurements to evaluate their achievement of desired outcomes. Contact HCRN for more details about this service and its cost.

Trend analyses and literature reviews

Having trouble keeping up with trends or the latest research? Hire HCRN to produce an accessible report that your organization can use for its grant applications.


In need of a facilitator for meeting or retreat? Contact the HCRN for a free initial consultation. HCRN's experienced and capable staff are able to design an approach to facilitation that suits your organization's needs

How to request these services:

To request these services, please contact the Healthy Communities Research Network directly via email at