Mylène Ratelle

Adjunct Professor and Research Associate

Mylene Ratelle
Mylène Ratelle is specialized in public health, with an expertise in environmental risk assessment and management for vulnerable or remote populations.

She obtained her PhD in Public Health at the University of Montreal. Mylène has a multidisciplinary profile including epidemiology, toxicology, and risk management.
She has previously been involved with human biomonitoring projects focusing on contaminant risk assessment. Mylène has worked on various health and applied science projects from the University of Montreal, the Chair of Analytical and Toxicological Risk Management, the Public Health Agency of Canada and the National University of Taiwan.
Mylène completed her postdoctoral research with Professor Brian Laird on a contaminant biomonitoring project in the Northwest Territories to investigate the relationship between exposure to environmental contaminants, nutritional status, and diet. She is now working with Professor Brian Laird and Professor Kelly Skinner on projects in the Northwest Territories, Yukon, and northern Ontario to investigate the associations between environment, health, and traditional activities.