New functionality in Quest helps improve the student experience

Proof of Enrolment letter

Students are often required to provide a Proof of Enrolment letter to organizations when arranging or making requests related to bank and RESP accounts, Canada Pension Plan, insurance, and employment opportunities. 

As of mid-July, as a result of the efforts of a collaborative project between IST, Finance, Registrar's Office, Graduate Studies & Postdoctoral Affairs, and The Centre, University of Waterloo students are now able to obtain a Proof of Enrolment letter using the self-service option in Quest.

With this new feature, students can quickly and easily obtain the letter when they need it, and without waiting in line! 

Both staff and students realizing the benefits

Since implementing this new self-serve feature, over 24,000 Proof of Enrolment letters have been processed by over 11,000 graduate and undergraduate students within Quest. Staff who would have fulfilled these requests previously have noted a significant reduction in the number of students lining up outside their offices compared to this time last year, and due to the time saved processing these requests, are able to refocus these resources as needed. 


fewer students waiting in line

24 K

proof of enrolment letters processed

4 wks

of work saved for one staff person

Embossed documents

Students who require a Proof of Enrolment letter for more official requests, such as immigration documentation, may order their document through the Undergraduate Forms page or the Graduate Forms page.

Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) payment processing

Working with Student Awards & Financial Aid (SAFA), IST implemented a second new feature aimed at improving the process used to administer OSAP payments to students.

hand holding moneyNow, with the click of a button, the SAFA team can disburse OSAP payments to thousands of students at a time, significantly improving both the accuracy of this work and the time in which students receive their financial aid.    

Since the end of August, over $67 million has been dispersed to Waterloo students.