As of October 1, credit card companies are changing the way personal information can be collected and stored. Because of these changes, all forms that include payment information will be offered through e-commerce. Stay tuned for more details.

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Graduate proof of enrolment request

Use the request for proof of enrolment form to:

  • verify past, current, and anticipated enrolment,
  • demonstrate all degree requirements have been met (or will be) prior to convocation, or
  • prove graduation date.

Three types of proof of enrolment documentation

  • Self-serve letters (no cost): Can be produced from your Quest account and printed at home. Useful for organizations such as banks, RESP providers, Canada Pension Plan, insurance companies, and employers.
  • University-produced letters ($10): We can provide a letter printed on University of Waterloo letterhead with an embossed University seal. Useful for study permits/visas, border crossings, or when the self-serve option cannot incorporate desired/required information.
  • Third-party forms ($10, exceptions provided below): We can complete a form from an outside organization (e.g., United Nations forms) with the University seal to verify your enrolment. Upload and attach the third-party form to your online request or submit along with your completed Proof of Enrolment request form by mail or fax.

We offer three options to order your proof of enrolment

  1. Visit Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs (GSPA) during business hours if you require your proof of enrolment immediately.
  2. Login to our online Proof of Enrolment Request Form; you'll need a University of Waterloo username and password (one to three business days).
  3. Use our Graduate proof of enrolment request form (pdf) if you do not have a University of Waterloo username and password (one to three business days); see instructions for submitting a PDF form. Request forms with credit card information are not accepted by email.

We process requests daily, Monday to Friday, except when the University is closed.