Living off campus

If you prefer to live off campus or you are not placed in residence, you must arrange your own accommodation. The sooner you start looking for a place to live, the better. It's best to have a permanent place to live before starting classes.

The Off-Campus Housing provides a listing service to support you in your housing search.

Before you rent a room, your landlord is entitled to ask you to:

  • Sign a lease
  • Provide first and last months’ rent
  • Consent to a credit check

In Canada, it's rare for more than two people to share a bedroom. Most landlords will consider this overcrowding and will object to more than two people sharing a bedroom.

If you don't make your housing arrangements before you travel, we recommend that you arrive in Waterloo at least two weeks before the term begins. This will give you time to find housing and become acquainted with the campus, and the city, before classes begin. 

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Housing terms

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