Module 3: Post Missing Incident


In this module, we will provide resources and suggest community connections that may be able to assist once the person living with dementia is found to reduce the risk of another missing incident. 

Learning Objectives

  • To become more familiar with the different resources and education available across Canada for first responders, persons living with dementia and care partners. 

  • To continue learning to keep up to date with new technology options and other resources. 

  • To learn the importance of connecting people with local organizations and resources in the community. 

  • To hear personal stories from other colleagues and First Responders. 

Preventing Missing Incidents

This video highlights the importance of preventing missing incidents among persons living with dementia, from various stakeholders. One gentleman shares his experience of getting lost and why he chooses to share about his dementia diagnosis. First Responders and representatives from dementia community organizations explain how missing persons with dementia may go unnoticed when walking on the street, and reasons why persons with dementia may decide to leave their space. First Responders are encouraged to learn about dementia so that they can best serve members in their communities.  

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Interactive Quiz

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No grades involved, just for your own purposes! 


We would like to extend our sincere thanks to the following organizations and individuals, without whom the creation of these learning modules would not be possible:

  • Peguis First Nation 
  • Peguis First Nation Fire Department 
  • Fisher Ambulance Service
  • Mohawk Council of Kahnawake
  • Kahnawake Peacekeepers
  • Kahnawake Search and Rescue
  • Service de Police de la Ville de Montréal (Montreal City Police Service)
  • Waterloo Regional Police
  • Oxford County
  • Oxford County Paramedic Services
  • Faculty of Health, University of Waterloo
  • Jamie Stirling, SAR-1
  • Maggie Scanlon, Director of Programs and Services with the Alzheimer Society Southwest Partners
  • Sauvetage Pointe-Claire Rescue