About Faculty of Mathematics 50th anniversary

The 1967-68 University of Waterloo undergraduate calendar proudly stated that “Each year entering students come in with additional secondary school background, and the enrolments in classical areas of pure and applied mathematics are rapidly increasing at almost the same rate as enrolments in the newer technological areas of statistics and computer science.”

Since 1967, the Faculty of Mathematics at Waterloo has grown to over 8000 students from 80 countries, and our research and academic programs cover all areas of pure and applied mathematics, combinatorics and optimization, computer science, statistics and actuarial science, and mathematics teaching.

Mathematical and computational expertise are among Waterloo’s sources of innovation, and we are proud that the Faculty of Mathematics at Waterloo plays a key role in driving prosperity. We are excited to celebrate 50 years of achievements in research and education, preparing the leaders of tomorrow for success in the knowledge economy.