Team captain

Captains should write players full name or team name and the hole you started on score card. Also, please hand in score cards as soon as round is finished.

Rules - Texas Scramble

Modified Texas Scramble format with teams of 4 players as follows:

  1. Each player drives from his/her appropriate tee box.Men play from the blue tee boxes.Ladies play from the red tee boxes.The order of play is selected by the team.
  2. After the drive, the team must select the best shot to continue playing.Each player may place a ball within 1 club length of the ball chosen but no closer to the hole and continue play from there.Players should not significantly change the difficulty of the shot through ball placement (e.g., if the ball chosen is in a sand trap, all players must play from the sand trap).
  3. Play continues by selecting the best second shot.All players will play a third shot from there.This process continues until the ball has been holed.
  4. When on greens, the position of the ball selected should be marked to allow all players to putt from the exact location of the ball selected.
  5. During the tournament, each player’s drive must be used at least 3 times.  You should keep track of drives by placing the score obtained on the hole next to the player whose drive was chosen.
  6. Teams of 3 you will rotate players for the 4th shot
  7. All players must have fun but not so much fun that the speed of play is negatively impacted.
  8. Golf carts should be driven on pathways around tee boxes and greens.Consider the location of the next tee box when parking your golf cart at a green.
  9. At the end of your round, total your golf score and give the card to one of the golf tournament organizers.
  10. Dining Room tables are numbered so you will sit with your group and another group (example 1A & 1B).

Local Course Rules

The following local course rules will be in effect:

  1. Hole #2 – Right Side – Out of bounds marked by white stakes.Remove ball and place on own fairway.NO PENALTY.
  2. Hole #3 – Ball in Water – Use alternate tee.Hitting shot three from tee.
  3. Hole #9 – Left Side – Ball on Hole #1 fairway.Remove ball and place on own fairway.NO PENALTY.
  4. All Holes – Free drop no nearer hole from pathways, ground under repair, sprinklers, and trees smaller than two club lengths.

Special holes

Longest drive - Ball must be in the fairway: Ladies Hole #9 - Mens Hole #12

Closest to pin - Ball must be on the green: Ladies Hole #5 - Mens Hole #10