• Amy Pham (Graduate student, PhD)
  • Amna El Shatshat (Instructor and Research Assisant)
  • Arash Shakeri (Graduate student, PhD)


  • Yusheng Zhao (Graduate student, PhD)
  • Rahul Karuturi (Graduate student, PhD)
  • Ahmed Hefny (Graduate student, PhD)
  • Lilian Toma (Graduate student, MSc)

Virtual Christmas Party

Virtual Christmas get together 2020: Dr. Nekkar, Amy, Lilian, Rahul, Yusheng, Ahmed

Christmas Lunch

Christmas Lunch and Graduation Party 2019: L-to-R: Arash, Amy, Amna, Dr. Nekkar, Rahul and Yusheng

Lunch party

Summer send-off party 2019: L-to-R: Lilian, Yusheng, Mohammed, Arash, Dr. Nekkar, Amna, Leila and Amy

Christmas party

Christmas party 2018: L-to-R: Amna, Shahin, Dr. Nekkar, Yusheng, Arash and Amy

group lunch

Celebrating Gary's paper with Arash and Amy (2018)

With Founding Director

Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of our School with Founding Director Dr. Jake Thiessen (2018)

At Northern Thai Restaurant

Christmas party 2017: L-to-R: Ruchit, Amy and Dr. Nekkar

Halloween party 2017

Grad students in halloween costumes! (2017)

Group photo

L-to-R: Ruchit, Dr. Nekkar, Sarbjeet and Amy (celebrating Sarbjeet's successful MSc defence 2017)

Dinner party

L-to-R: Tarek, Amy, Dr. Nekkar, Jonathan, Sarbjeet and Arash (celebrating Tarek's successful PhD defence 2016)

At Balzac's L-to-R: Dr. Nekkar, Jonathan, Amy, Arash, Sarbjeet and Shivani (at Balzac's 2016)    

Christmas party

L-to-R: Tarek, Arash and Sarbjeet (Christmas party 2015)

Group photo

Group photo (Christmas party 2015)

Group photo

L-to-R: Arash, Tarek, Alanna and Sarbjeet (2015)

Coffee at restaurant

L-to-R: Gary, Tarek, Arash, Mandeep, Alanna and Sarbjeet (2015)

Award Recognition Photo

Dr. Nekkar Rao with University of Waterloo researchers being recognized by the Ontario Government for winning "Early Researcher and ORF Awards"  (2015)

Group photo

L-to-R: Karan, Alanna, Gary, Tarek, Dr. Nekkar, Arash (2014)

Past Members:

Alison Mao (Undergraduate student)

Sherif Meshref (Undergraduate student)

Saara Manji (Undergraduate student)

Lilian Toma (Undergraduate student)

Phong Tran (Undergraduate student)

Leila Hejazi (Graduate student)

Mohammed Said (Undergraduate student)

Vivian Nguyen (Undergraduate student)

Shwetha Suresh (Undergraduate student)

Stephanie De Jong (Undergraduate student)

Ruchit Patel (Undergraduate student)

Sarbjeet Singh Gujral (Graduate student, MSc)

Amna El-shatshat (Undergraduate student)

Selina Manji (Undergraduate student)

Shivani Sharma (Undergraduate student)

Arash Shakeri (Graduate student, MSc)

Tarek Mohamed (Graduate student, PhD)

Alanna McEneny (Graduate student, MSc)

Gary Tin (Graduate student, MSc)

Mandeep Mann (Undergraduate student)

Karan Teckwani (Graduate student, MSc)

Karamdeep Khourd (Undergraduate student)

Wesseem Osman (Graduate student, MSc)

Katherine Tran (Undergraduate student)

Sarah Ryes (Undergraduate student)

Victor Sit (Undergraduate student)

Maggie Zhou (Undergraduate student)

Jacky Yeung (Undergraduate student)

Nivedita Sharma (Undergraduate student)

Kushan Dave (Undergraduate student)

Tarek Mohamed (Graduate student, MSc)

Saad Kabir (Research associate)