Jan 2021:

Congrats to Lilian on making it to the finals of GRADflix 2021!


Dec 2020:

Wish you all happy holidays! You all did a fantastic job despite facing unprecedented challenges due to Covid-19. Congrats and stay safe!!

Sept 2020:

As the new term begins wish you all the very best. Follow all the safety guidelines while working and stay safe!

Welcome back Lilian as you embark on your MSc program and all the best!

June 2020:

Congrats to our new graduate Amna! Our first ever virtual graduation!!

Congratulations to Amy and Arash on winning the OGS! Congrats to Lilian on winning CGS-M! You make us all proud!

May 2020:

Our research in spotlight -





Welcome Marzhei and good luck in your research!

Congrats to Amy on winning the OGS award!

Congrats to Rahul on successfully completing the thesis milestone!

March 2020:

Nekkar Rao's Lab receives seed funding from the Centre for Bioengineering and Biotechnology, University of Waterloo

Jan 2020:

Welcome to Ahmed as he joins our team as a PhD student!

Nov 2019:

Congratulations to Amna on successfully defending her MSc thesis! Good luck with everything as you go forward.

Sept 2019:

Group welcomes new students to our team!

Rahul joins as an MSc student, Alison joins as a BIOL499 student, Saara joins as a PHARM401 student and Sherif joins as a CHEM494 student.

Good luck everyone in your projects!

May 2019:

Welcome to Lilian (USRA). All the best in your research!

March 2019:

Dr. Nekkar Rao research group's work highlighted in UWaterloo Global Impact 2018-19


Jan 2019:

Group welcomes PHARM 401 student Chanh-Phong Tran!

May 2019:

Dr. Nekkar Rao and Dr. Ho's group receive Interdisciplinary Seed Grant from the School of Pharmacy, University of Waterloo

Dec 2018:

Congrats to Amna on winning the best teaching assistant award for Fall 2018 from Dept. of Chemistry!

Nov 2018:

Dr. Nekkar Rao attends and presents at the 4th Mogan Mountain International Summit held in Deqing, China

Oct 2018:

Lab research in the news:





Group welcomes visiting graduate student Shahin!

Sept 2018:

Group welcomes Arash and Yusheng as they join our graduate program. All the best!

Welcome to Vivian (PHARM 401) and Mohammed (CHEM 494) as they embark on their research!

Aug 2018:

Dr. Nekkar Rao presents at IBS2018 Montreal

Leila joins the lab as a visiting student!

May 2018:

Stephanie presents at the CSPS conference in Toronto

Amy presents at the CSC conference in Edmonton

Congratulations to Shwetha who was awarded an NSERC-USRA scholarship!

Congratulations to Amna on completing her MSc thesis proposal!

April 2018:

Amy & Amna present their research at Pharmacy Research Day, University of Waterloo

Dr. Nekkar Rao presents at the Network for Aging Research (NAR) event, University of Waterloo

Lab research in the news. See the link below:


Stephanie is the winner of CSPS travel grant. Congrats Stephanie!

Feb 2018:

Congratulations on a rocking performance at the 3MT competition Amna!

Dr. Nekkar Rao presents at the Biophysical Society Conference in San Francisco

Jan 2018:

Congratulations to Amy on completing her comprehensive exam!

Stephanie joins the lab as an independent study student.

Dr. Nekkar Rao's group awarded Bordeaux-Waterloo Research Grant

Dec 2017:

Dr. Nekkar Rao is the guest editor for a special issue of the journal "Molecules" on Alzheimer's disease. Check the web link below:


Oct 2017:

Dr. Nekkar Rao's lab awarded NSERC-Engage grant for an industry supported project

Sept 2017:

Welcome Amna as you start your graduate program! May the research gods be with you!

Shwetha Suresh joins as a BIOL499 student. All the best Shwetha!

July 2017:

Jonathan presents at the AAIC conference in London

June 2017:

Selina presents at the AFPC-CPhA conference in Quebec City

May 2017:

Dr. Nekkar Rao presents at CSC 2017 Toronto

Amna joins the lab as a research assistant. Welcome!

Sarbjeet defends his MSc thesis successfully! Well done and all the best with your future plans.

April 2017:

Congratulation is extended to Jonathan Sutley on winning the "Donald J & Kathleen D McDougall" Graduate Scholarship!

Group welcomes Ruchit Patel as he start his NSERC-USRA stint. 

Feb 2017:

Dr. Nekkar Rao presents at the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Toronto

Jan 2017:

Dr. Nekkar Rao's lab receives NSERC-Engage grant!

Jonathan's research in the news!


Dec 2016:

Congratulations to Arash on his successful MSc thesis defence! All the best going forward!

Congratulations to Amy on successfully completing the PHARM 616 thesis proposal milestone!

Oct 2016:

Dr. Nekkar Rao presents at the American Chemical Society conference NERM-2016

Sept 2016:

Everyone is looking good! Some more media attention to Nekkar lab! See the link below:


Congratulations to Jonathan on successfully completing the thesis proposal milestone!

Welcome Selina! and all the best in your independent study course

Aug 2016:

Grant news:


Hearty congratulations to Tarek on defending his PhD thesis! Fantastic job on all fronts!! All the best with your new position!

July 2016:

Tarek, Arash, Sarbjeet and Dr. Nekkar attend and present at the AAIC-2016 Toronto

May 2016:  

Jonathan wins the CIHR CGS-M. Congrats!! This is great:)

Tarek's research appears on the cover of ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters! Congrats everyone involved!!

Docking image

Tarek's research is the news item at the School's web site. See the link below



Amy Pham is our new graduate student. Welcome to our group and all the best!

Shivani Sharma joins the lab as a summer student. Welcome and all the best in your research!

Congratulations to Jonathan for winning (i) UW Special Graduate Scholarship and (ii) UW/NSERC Graduate Scholarship.  

Dr. Nekkar Rao receives the "Outstanding Faculty Mentor in the Graduate Program" award from the School of Pharmacy

April 2016:  Tarek gets another award! AAIC 2016 Toronto travel grant -congrats!!

Congratulations to Tarek again for winning the Paul Christie Memorial Prize from Ontario Mental Health Foundation!

March 2016: Congratulations to Tarek on winning the CIHR travel grant

January 2016: Happy New Year!

Jonathan is the newest member of the group. Welcome and all the best!

The lab gets a 60 MHz bench top NMR with 1H and 13C capability, thanks to JELF-CFI and ORF support

September 2015: Gary's MedChemComm paper is listed as a hot article for 2015 and is on cover page!

Cover page image


Congratulations to Alanna on receiving the "Outstanding Achievement in Graduate Studies" honor from Graduate Studies, University of Waterloo

August 2015: Dr. Nekkar Rao presents at the Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Manipal University, India

Congratulations to Alanna on successfully defending her MSc thesis!

July 2015: CFI-ORF funding to acquire bench top NMR equipment


June 2015: Gary in news!


May 2015: Congratulations to Gary for securing an industrial internship!

Alanna presents at the CSPS conference in Toronto and Laurier Protein Science Symposium (LPSS-2015)

Dr. Nekkar Rao presents at the 1st Annual Laurier-Waterloo-Guelph Science Symposium (LPSS-2015)

Dr. Nekkar Rao receives Early Researcher Award from the Ministry of Research and Innovation, Government of Ontario


March 2015: Congratulations to Karan Teckwani on his new job and best wishes!

Congratulations to Alanna on winning the poster competition to represent our School at the CSPS-AFPC conference in Toronto and for McDougall award!

January 2015: Group welcomes new graduate student Sarbjeet Singh Gujral and NSERC-USRA co-op student Mandeep Mann. Good luck in your academic pursuit!

December 2014: Congratulations to Gary Tin on successfully defending his MSc thesis! Good luck with your future plans Gary!

Karan Teckwani defends his MSc thesis as well! Good job Karan and best of luck with your career plans!

Tarek wraps up the year by winning the Pharmacy Graduate Student Award in recognition for his valuable contributions to our graduate program. Congrats!

October 2014: Alanna presents her research at the Canadian Alzheimer's Disease Research Symposium, CANAD 2014, Quebec City

September 2014: Arash Shakeri joins Dr. Nekkar Rao's group as an MSc  student. Welcome and all the best!

June 2014: Gary presents at the CSC conference in Vancouver

April 2014: Congratulations to Alanna on completing her thesis proposal milestone successfully and to Gary on winning Mitacs-Accelerate internship

March 2014: Tarek's Ontario Mental Health Foundation (OMHF) PhD Studentship gets extended. Congrats Tarek! Dr. Nekkar Rao presents at Biotransfer 2014 in Toronto. Tarek attends and presents at the 13th International Geneva symposium on advances in Alzheimer's therapy, Switzerland

February 2014: Congratulations to Alanna on winning CIHR-DSECT award!

December 2013: Congratulations to Tarek on winning a CIHR travel grant award to attend the 13th International Geneva symposium on advances in Alzheimer's therapy

November 2013: Congrats to Tarek on winning the "Best Oral Presentation" award in our School's competition!

September 2013: Group welcomes Alanna as a new MSc student (co-supervision). Congrats on winning OGS Alanna! Karamdeep joins as a senior Biol. 499 student

June 2013: Congrats to Wes on winning AFPC poster competition. Wes and Dr. Nekkar Rao presents at the AFPC conference. Wes successfully defends his MSc. thesis and joins U of T Medical School.

May 2013: Dr. Nekkar Rao presents at the CSC in Quebec City

March 2013: New LC-MS facility set up through CFI-ORF funds

February 2013: Tarek and Wes awarded ADDF scholarship (congrats!) and present at the ADDF meeting in San Francisco. Congrats to Tarek for winning a travel grant from OMHF

January 2013: The group welcomes Karan as an MSc student (co-supervision)

December 2012: Dr. Nekkar Rao presents at Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, India

Sept. 2012: The group welcomes Gary Tin as he embarks on his MSc. thesis project. In addition, Maggie Zhou returns as a Biol. 499 research project student. Congrats to Tarek on winning OMHF PhD scholarship and for Wes on winning OGS, QEII and President’s Scholarships!

August 2012: Nekkar lab receives Ontario Research Fund award to purchase LC-MS infrastructure

July 2012: Dr. Nekkar Rao, Tarek and Wes attend AAIC and all showcase interesting medicinal chemistry research involving Alzheimer's disease pathology while enjoying the beauty that is Vancouver, Canada

June 2012: Congrats to Tarek on winning the "Dean of Science Award" for his MSc thesis

May 2012: Wes successfully defends his MSc. thesis proposal

March 2012: Dr. Nekkar Rao presents at the ACS meeting in San Diego. Nekkar lab awarded CFI-LOF funds to support LC-MS infrastructure

Sept. 2011: Tarek continues with Dr. Nekkar Rao as a PhD. candidate in the GWC2 program and the group welcomes Wes to the pharmacy MSc. graduate program (congrats on winning Rx & D award!)

August 2011: Tarek successfully defends his MSc. thesis

June 2011: Congrats to Tarek on receiving the AFPC Graduate Student Research Poster Award representing the School of Pharmacy at the AFPC in Winnipeg. Dr. Nekkar Rao presents at the CSC, Montreal

June 2010: Tarek attends his first conference and presents a research poster at the CSC in Toronto

Feb. 2010: Tarek successfully defends his MSc. proposal

September 2009: Tarek joins Dr. Nekkar Rao’s lab as his first MSc student!

April 2009: Saad joins Dr. Nekkar Rao lab as a research assistant