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Title: Danforth Mennonite Church fonds

Dates of creation: 1899-2021

Physical description: 90 cm of textual records

Administrative history: The congregation, located at 2174 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, has been affiliated with the Mennonite Conference of Ontario (1907-1988), Mennonite Church (1907-1999), Mennonite Church Eastern Canada (1988-) and Mennonite Church Canada (1999-). Danforth was the only Mennonite Conference of Eastern Canada congregation to decline membership in the Conference of Mennonites in Canada in 1995. The language of worship is English.

The congregation began services in 1910, and formally organized in 1958. The first building was occupied in 1910, with a subsequent building program in 1995. John I. Byler and M. Elizabeth Brown are considered the founding leaders of the group. The congregation originated through outreach by the Mennonite Conference of Ontario as part of its first urban mission. Danforth merged with Morningside Mennonite Church in 1973. For a time it was known as Danforth Morningside Mennonite Church.

Custodial history: The Danforth congregation has made periodic donations to the Mennonite Archives of Ontario. The Louida Bauman scrapbook was donated to the Mennonite Archives of Ontario by Muriel Purdon in December 2004.

Scope and content: There are four series: Formal recordsInformal recordsChurch bulletins and Newsletter

Notes: For further information see: Bill Bryson, "The history of the Toronto Mission - now the Danforth Mennonite Church from 1907 to 2009 " (2010) 
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File list:

Series 1: Formal records

  1. Annual Reports & Congregational Meeting minutes
    1962-1969 (reports are activities in previous year)
    1970-1992 (Oct. congregational meeting only),1993-2023
  2. Church Council minutes
    1961-1972 (January)
    1975-1999 (Incomplete)
    2000-2014, 2016-2022
  3. Other Administrative minutes
  4. Financial reports
    Cash journal, 1929-1931
    Cheque distribution record, 1932-1938
    Church & Sunday School Offering Register, 1931-1938
    Offering notebook (Harold Groh), 1931-1937
    Value of "In Kind" Donations of Food & Clothing, 1934-1946
    Bankbook (Harold Groh), 1935-1945
    Monthly Donation lists, 1938-1945
    Monthly Reports to Mennonite Board of Missions and Charities, 1938-1945
    Tables Outlining Giving by Congregation, 1939-1944, 1951
    Cash journal, 1961
    Cash journal, 1962
    Financial report, 1946, 1953, 1955, 1957-1960, 1962
    Church & Sunday School Offering Register, 1951-1954
    Church & Sunday School Offering Register, 1955-1957
    Church & Sunday School Offering Register, 1958-1960
  5. Women's groups
    Cheerful Endeavor Sewing Circle
    Minutes, 1945-1958
    Minutes, 1959-1971
    Financial records, 1946-1956
    WMSA executive, 1969/70
  6. Young People's Meeting records
    Minutes & Financial Records, 1950-1954
    Treasurer's records, 1951-1955
  7. Sunday School records
    Attendance, 1920-1939/40
    Minutes, 1931-1946; attendance, 1930-1947
    Home Department records, 1946-1947
    Attendance, 1945-1948
    Attendance, 1948-1951
    Attendance, 1953-1958
    Attendance, 1959-1961
    Class books, 1944/45-1955/56, 1957/58
    Annual reports to Conference, 1922-1959 (Incomplete)
    Sunday School officers, 1970/71
    Cradle Roll cards, 1940-1942
    Sunday School prize lists, 1921-1969
  8. Church directories
    n.d., 1968/69, 1974, 1976, 1981, 1984, 1986-1987, 1991-1999
    2000-2002, 2004-2014, 2017-2022
  9. Boys/Girls Club records
    Wayfarers/Busy Bee Club attendance books, 1958-1968
    Misc. Wayfarers records, 1960s
    Kidsnite/Kidklub, Aug-Dec 2000
  10. Summer Bible School
    Attendance records, 1934-1965 (incomplete)
    Advertising and Programs, 1940s-1960s
  11. O'Connor Community Association
    Materials related to Amzie Brubacher's work with community association, 1970s
  12. Worship committee
    Minutes, 2010-2022
  13. Outreach Committee
    Minutes, 1984-1994 (scattered), 1995-2005 (incomplete)
    Personnel Policies (related to Outreach), 1999-2003
    Reports, 1984-1991
    Seniors Drop-In Program, 1995-2004
  14. Mennonite Voluntary Service (MVS) Unit records
    Minutes, 2002-2010
    Blank application documents
    Blank volunteer evaluation forms
    Job Descriptions & Potential agencies for placement
    Residential lease, 2003
    Grant applications, 2003
  15. Membership certificates
    Toronto Mission, 1930-1946
  16. Building renovations, 1984-1989
  17. Decision making
    Congregational covenant, [1984?]
    Memo on consensus process, [1987?]
    Committee on Decision Making, 1991
  18. Deeds Etc.

Series 2: Informal records

  1. Pastor's record book, 1929-1931 (Lewis Weber)
  2. Church Council correspondence, 1961-63, 1993-1994 (includes transition from Emerson McDowell to Osiah Horst, an issue of divorce and remarriage, and declining congregational membership in the Conference of Mennonites in Canada)
  3. Christmas cheer lists, 1964-1978
  4. Junior High Socials, n.d.
  5. Programs, 1913-
  6. News Clippings, 1947-
  7. Historical manuscripts, most associated with 50th anniversary of congregation in 1961, including reflections by S. Honderich, Paul Burkholder, Henry Chapman, and list of persons invited to anniversary
    First Report of Mennonite Mission, 1907
    "History of Danforth WMSA," n.d.
    "The origins and development of the Toronto Mennonite Mission: women were key players, but won few medals" by Ferne Burkhardt, ca. 1992.
    "Brief history of mission work & Danforth Mennonite Church,"  2004?
    "Fact sheet about Toronto Mennonite Churches," [ca. 1970]
  8. Louida Bauman Scrapbook given by members at Danforth when she left the Toronto Mission in June 1947.
  9. Manuscripts associated with 100th anniversary of congregation in 2011
    "The Mennonite Gospel Mission / Danforth Morningside Mennonite Church" by Bill Bryson
    Various reflections by Muriel Purdon
  10. Publicity brochures, including material on 1994 building project
  11. Vistation notes kept by Danforth outreach workers, 1988-2003 (restricted)
    Note: Unrestricted correspondence re the aquisition of these files by the Archives is located with the files

Series 3: Church Bulletins

Special Event Bulletins
1958-1996, 2011-2021

Series 4: Newsletters

The Shepherd's Voice: Mennonite Mission Bulletin, 1952-1954
Danforth Dabbler, Summer 1995, December 1995, May 1996                                

DMC Outlook, 2016-2022

Danforth Mennonite Chronicle, April 1999

The 2174 Builder, Dec 1992-1993 (Incomplete)

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