Hagerman Mennonite Church (Markham, ON)

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Title: Hagerman Mennonite Church fonds

Dates of creation: 1936-
Note: Further accruals are expected.

Physical description: 60 cm of textual materials

Administrative history: The Mennonite Mission Board of Ontario began services in the Hagerman community in 1932 in the homes of William and Alice Wright and Floyd and Lillian Schmucker. In 1934 the meetings moved to the Hagerman Schoolhouse. The congregation formally organized in 1937 and Floyd Schmucker was ordained as a minister. The basement of the present building was constructed in 1944, the new church was built in  in 1956 and an annex added in 1968. It is located at 4581 14th Ave., east of Kennedy Road, in Markham, Ontario.

The congregation affiliated as an independent congregation of the Mennonite Conference of Eastern Canada in 1988 and the Conference of Mennonites in Canada in 1995. In 1990, the Toronto Chinese Mennonite Church began sharing space to do local outreach,resulting in the formation of the Markham Chinese Mennonite Church in 1993. Shifting demographics and real estate development affected the congregation in the 1990s, many purchased homes in the Stouffville area. Consequently, Community Mennonite Church of Stouffville was established as an emerging congregation in 1996. A Tamil group, the Markham Christian Worship Centre, began sharing space with Hagerman in 2005. Hagerman was a member of the Markham Mennonite Council.

Pastoral leaders since 1932 have included Floyd Smucker (1932-1965), Emerson McDowell (1965-1975), Don Wenger, David T. Martin (1982-1991), No Pastor (1991-1993), Gordon Alton (1993-    ). In 1950 there were 19 members; in 1965, 45; in 1975, 54; in 1985, 45; in 1995, 70.

Custodial history: The congregation has made periodic donations to the Mennonite Archives of Ontario.

Scope and content: There are four series: Formal records, Informal records, Church bulletins and Newsletters.

Note: Original description created December 1999 by Sam Steiner.

Series 1: Formal records

  1. Church Council minutes
        1981, 1984, 1987, 1993, 1994 1997 (incomplete)
  2. Annual reports and congregational meeting minutes
        1976, 1980-1982, 1984, 1986-1987, 1989-1990, 1995-1996
  3. SALT Program materials, 1978, 1981-1982, Sept 1985 ("Our new SALT unit")
  4. Renovation documents, 1987
  5. Global Neighbours program,  1986-1988
  6. Minutes, records re: founding of Community Mennonite, 1995-1996
  7. Pastoral care team minutes, 1990-1995
  8. Congregational directory, ca. 1974, 1981, 1984, 1997
  9. Record book with notes about Sunday school attendance, early meetings & list of early members, 1935-1937
  10. Sunday school record book, 1934-1960
  11. Sunday school secretary record book, 1958-1960, 1975-1978
  12. Summer bible school records, 1967-1968
  13. Junior Church "Logg" book,  1973-1975
  14. Church offering register, 1950-1957
  15. Boys Club records, 1967-1969
  16. Girls Club records, 1970-1975
  17. Women's Sewing Circle minute book and financial records, 1936-1954, 1958-1964, 1978-1986
  18. Faith, Hope & Charity Circle, 1959-1972
  19. WMSC financial records, 1958-1966
  20. Relations to Markham Chinese Mennonite Church, 1990-1991

Series 2: Informal records

  1. Correspondence, 1977-1993 (Misc.)
  2. Misc. programs, 1957-1998 (includes weddings, funerals, dedication, installation and ordination services)
  3. Misc. newsclippings, 1935-1991
  4. Building campaign brochure, 1955
  5. Refugee relief committee info, 1979
  6. Women's group programs, coffee hour, etc., 1965-1991
  7. Fortieth anniversary materials, including time line, 1977
  8. Faith biography by Lil Grove, 1996
  9. Misc. handouts, documents and lists, 1977-
  10. Congregational history
    Note: Contains scrapbook of congregational history by Lil Grove, 1932-1998; Hagerman church history, [1982?]; scrapbook of church events kept by Elsie McDowell, 1983-1986
  11. Sermon entitled "The absence of God" given 4 Mar 1984, probably by David Martin
  12. Brochure for community outreach
  13. 75th anniversary materials, 2012.
    Note: Includes historical notes, a poster, a program, and a commemorative CD.

Series 3: Church bulletins

1963-1998, 2002-2007

Series 4: Newsletter

 1997:Summer, 1998:Spring

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