Mennonite Conference of Ontario congregations

There are collections for all listed congregations. Guides for Congregational names without hyperlinks are not available on the web.

  1. Arcade
  2. Baden (merged with Geiger to form Wilmot; see no.52)
  3. Berea (merged with Moorefield to become Community; see no. 17)
  4. Bethel (Elora)
  5. Biehn (merged with Blenheim to form Nith Valley; see no.51)
  6. Blenheim (merged with Biehn to form Nith Valley; see no.51)
  7. Bloomingdale
  8. Cedar Grove
  9. Clarence Center (N.Y.)
  10. Cressman/Breslau
  11. Elmira
  12. First Mennonite (Kitchener)
  13. Floradale
  14. Geiger (merged with Baden to form Wilmot; see no.52)
  15. Hawkesville
  16. Latschar/Mannheim
  17. Community (Moorefield; name changed after merger with Berea (no. 3)
  18. Hagey/Preston
  19. Rainham
  21. Shantz
  22. South Cayuga
  23. St. Jacobs
  24. Moyer/The First Mennonite Church (Vineland)
  25. Wanner
  26. Waterloo/Erb St.
  27. Weber/Pioneer Park
  28. Wideman
  29. Zurich
  30. Bethel (Bothwell)
  31. Bright Mission (No records held; see Mennonite Conference of Ontario Rural Mission fonds)
  32. Fort Stewart
  33. Glen Allan
  34. Hagerman
  35. Little Ireland Mission (No records held; see Mennonite Conference of Ontario Rural Mission fonds)
  36. Markstay Mission (No records held; see Mennonite Conference of Ontario Rural Mission fonds)
  37. Minden
  38. Danforth
  39. Calvary Mennonite (Monetville, ON)
  40. Morningside
  41. Warden Park/Warden Woods Community Centre
  42. Discontinued Congregations
    1. Almira (Unionville)
    2. Ellesmere (Scarborough)
    3. Glasgow (Stouffville)
    4. Bertie
    5. Blandford
    6. Mountain
    7. Roseville/Detweiler
    8. Altona
    9. Wallace
    10. Dungannon
  43. Calvary Mennonite (Ayr)
  44. Rockway
  45. London/Valleyview (see V-8)
  46. Hanover/Hanover-Chesley
  47. Listowel
  48. Waters (transferred to United Mennonite Conference)
  49. Thames Valley
  50. Brussels
  51. Nith Valley (amalgamation of Biehn and Blenheim)
  52. Wilmot (amalgamation of Baden and Geiger)
  53. Steeles Avenue
  54. Rouge Valley (amalgamation of Cedar Grove and Steele's Avenue)
  55. Waterloo North
  56. First Hmong Mennonite Church
  57. Hunta
  58. Zion Mennonite Fellowship (Elmira)
  59. Mennonite Fellowship of Montreal
  60. Église évangelique mennonite de Joliette
  61. Rawdon
  62. Rouyn-Noranda
  63. Grace Lao Mennonite Church (See XXX-8)
  64. Kingston Mennonite Fellowship
  65. Durham Mennonite Fellowship
  66. Guelph Mennonite Church (also affiliated with Conference of United Mennonite Churches of Ontario)
  67. Kitchener-Waterloo House Church
  68. McArthur's Mills Christian Fellowship

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