Classification scheme: 
Hist.Mss. 9.24
  1. Rudy Wiebe by Margaret Loewen Reimer and Sue C. Steiner, November, 1973
  2. East Zorra Mennonite Church history project interviews by Catharine Schlegel, February, 1992. Includes a note from Catharine Schlegel explaining the project.
    Participants include Vera Bender, Enda Schumm, Wallace Bender, Clayton Bender, Rosetta Bender, Wilmer Baechler, Frieda Baechler, Fanny Mae Yantzi and Emma Yantzi.
  3. Interview, Jacob A. Kutz by Daryl Kutz (see Hist.Mss. 13.78 for term paper based on this interview)
  4. Interviews about S.F. Coffman conducted by John Weber in 1975
    1. J. C. Wenger, March, 1975; Isaac High, March, 1975
    2. E. J. Swalm, March, 1975; Alvin Culp, 1975; Mrs. Elmer Burkholder, 1975
    3. David Coffman, Barbara Coffman, Lena Coffman, Ella Coffman (children), March 1975
  5. Interview with Rudy Wiebe, n.d.; Barbara Smucker, n.d.
  6. Interview, Doug and Carol Lehman by J. Winfield Fretz, n.d. re: their story as a family in which the wife is Old Order Mennonite and the husband is a member of Erb Street Mennonite church
  7. Interviews of St. Jacobs Mennonite Church persons which discuss local Mennonite men who served in the military during World War II, conducted by Andrew Scheifele (see Hist.Mss. 13.89  for term paper partially based on interviews). The men interviewed did not themselves serve in the military.
    1. Interview, Mel Horst, Feb. 24, 1993
    2. Interview, Curtis Brubacher, Feb. 16, 1993
    3. Interview, Ray Good, Mar. 12, 1993. Digitized in 2016.
    4. Interview, Menno Martin, Feb. 16, 1993
    5. Interview, Ray Brubacher, Feb. 24, 1993
  8. Interview, Barbara Smucker by Sue C. Steiner, 1978 re: Underground to Canada novel
  9. Interview, Rufus Jutzi by Sue C. Steiner, 197? re: work of Mennonite Publishing House
  10. Interview, Allen Buehler by J. Winfield Fretz, n.d. re: Buehler's life and work
  11. Interview, Anna (Janzen) Kroeker (1902-1995) by Erica Jantzen about experiences in Russia. German. See English translation at Hist.Mss.16.3
  12. Interview, John M. Martin by Sam Steiner about Wallenstein Bible Chapel, Minister Jesse Bauman, etc., Dec. 20, 2004
  13. Interviews of men who served in the Forstei Dienst [Forestry Service] in Russia: J.J. Jansen, C.C.? Harms, A. Ens, P.J. Friesen, G. Fast, P.H. Wiens, Gerhard Klassen, Heinrich Baerg, Gerhard Fast, Ben Hildebrand, N.H. Unruh, [?] Musselman, Henry Unrau, J. Dyck, H. J. Gerbrandt, Isaac Loewen, J.J. Jansen, [?] Thiessen, Abram [?]. German. Transferred from the Mennonites in Canada vertical file 1910 - Forestry Service. 23-24 Jun 1974, 2 tapes.
  14. TUMC [Toronto United Mennonite Church] history interview with Harvey Dyck : Vietnam refugee settlement and SCOC Mennonite Library. -- [20--?], 1 audio compact disc.
  15. Interview of J.J. Thiessen (1893-1977) / Frank H. Epp, 13 Jan 1973. - 2 cassette tapes (approx 2 hours). - original interview recorded on reel to reel audio tape and transferred to cassette by Esther Epp Thiessen; digitized and indexed in 2012.
    Interview of Hedie Loewen, Helen and Merv Dekersen, Walter and Edna Thiessen, the children of J.J. Thiessen  / Frank H. Epp, 14 Jan 1973. - 2 cassette tapes (approx. 2 hours). - original interview recorded on reel to reel audio tape and transferred to cassette by Esther Epp Thiessen in 1999; digitized and indexed in 2012. Supporting materials file includes notes by Esther Epp Thiessen and 2012 index.
  16. Interview of Jake Boldt (1925-2010) / by Kathy Martens, 22 Jan 1990. - 1 audio compact disc: .cda (61 min.) - born in  Karpovka, South Russia to Peter and Katharina Boldt. The family immigrated to Canada in 1926, settling first in Alberta, then Saskatchewan and finally, in 1940, Vineland, Ontario. Joined the army during the Second World War and served with the military police. After the war, he came to agree with the Mennonite peace position. He married Vera Martens in 1950. - Donated to the Archives in 2014 by Lorna Morgan, his daughter. 
  17. Interview of Annie Mae (Gerber) Erb (1908-2004) / by Kristine Culp, 1987. - 1 audio compact disc: .cda (57 min. 30 sec.) ; 1 cm textual materials (transcript) - Annie Mae Erb was born near Petersburg, Ontario. Married in 1929 to David O. Erb. The couple farmed in the New Hamburg area and had six children. She was a member of St. Agatha Mennonite Church. - Donated to the Archives in 2018 by Daryl Culp.
  18. Interview of Elsie Cressman / by Jeff Goodes, Fresh Air, CBC Radio, 7 Nov 1998. - 1 audio cassette. - Elsie Cressman was a midwife in Africa and Ontario. She helped shape the emerging profession of midwifery in Ontario. - Donated to the Archives in 2016 by Marlene Epp.
  19. Interview of John Braun / by Janis Thiessen, June 14-15, 2016. - 2 interviews (2 hours, 9 min; 31 min) in 4 audio files (each interview in .wav and .mp3 audio format) with accompanying interview summaries by Janis Thiessen and consent forms. - See also Hist.Mss.1.156 John Braun fonds. - Donated to the Archives in 2018 by Janis Thiessen.
  20. Interview of Lorna Bergey, Alice Koch, Lorraine Roth, Florence Shantz / by Marlene Epp, [ca. 1987]. - 2 audio cassettes. - Epp interviewed the women about their experiences of rules for women's dress in the Mennonite church.
  21. Reminiscences of Jacob Tjart (1895-1975), 1965. - .wav file (11 min.) copied from original tape. - Tjart was born in Orlov, Memrik, south Russia to Jacob and Katharina (Janzen) Tjart. He married Maria Sawatsky in 1921; the couple would have five children before her death in 1932. The family came to Canada in 1926, settling in Reesor, Ontario, then Toronto and later St. Catharines. - Donated to the Archives by grandchildren in 2022. The donation also included a transcription of the audio.


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