Research Outputs


Current State of Microplastic Pollution Research Data: Trends in Availability and Sources of Open Data (2022). Tia Jenkins, Bhaleka Persaud, Win C. Cowger, Kathy Szigeti, Dominique G. Roche, Erin Clary, Stephanie Slowinski, Benjamin Lei,  Amila Abeynayaka,  Ebenezer S. Nyadjro, Thomas Maes, Leah Thornton Hampton,  Melanie Bergmann,  Julian Aherne,  Sherri A. Mason,  John F. Honek,  Fereidoun Rezanezhad,  Amy L. Lusher,  Andy M. Booth,  Rodney Smith, and  Philippe Van Cappellen.  
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Fishing for Litter: Creating an Economic Market for Marine Plastics in a Sustainable Fisheries Model (2022). Read article
Author from research team: Roy Brouwer

Workshop Report: Maximizing the Value of Environmental Microplastics Data.
Tia Jenkins, Rodney Smith, Nancy Goucher, Bhaleka Persaud, Stephanie Slowinski, Kathy Szigeti, Erin Clary, Mary Kruk, Win Cowger, Kelly Stathis, Mickey Nielsen, Lilian Tran, Krysha Dukacz, & Philippe Van Cappellen. (2021). Zenodo. summary article.

Adsorption of Linear and Spherical DNA Oligonucleotides onto Microplastics (2022). Read article
Author(s) from research team: Mohamad Zandieh and Juewen Liu

Public Perceptions of Marine Plastic Litter: A Comparative Study Across European Countries and Seas (2022). Read article
Author(s) from research team: R. Brouwer 

PlasticNet: Deep learning for automatic microplastic recognition via FT-IR spectroscopy (2020). Read article
Author(s) from research team: Wayne Parker