PhD Student, Recreation and Leisure Studies


Chris HurstChris Hurst is a PhD student in the Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies. She has an undergraduate degree in Criminology and Psychology from Saint Mary’s University, and a Master of Arts in Criminology from the University of Ottawa. Throughout her life she has lived in a variety of different places, including: Mississauga, Winnipeg, Chicago, and Halifax. She currently resides in Ottawa, Ontario with her husband and two dogs. After 10 years of working in the federal government, for the Office of the Correctional Investigator and the Parks Canada Agency, she decided to return to (and combine) her first two loves – academia and outdoor recreation. Her love of the outdoors started as a small child camping with her family. In her travels, she has camped throughout Canada and much of the eastern seaboard of the United States. When not doing schoolwork, or commuting between Ottawa and Waterloo, she can be found outside - camping, canoeing and hiking our National and Provincial parks.

Research interests

Posthumanist theories, antenarrative, new materialism, outdoor recreation, and camping.

Chris’s research interests lie in examining entanglements of human and non-human actors in camping experiences in Provincial and National parks. Specific interests include disrupting human-centred constructions of outdoor recreation through an antenarrative of non-human actors. 

University of Waterloo

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